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This Keralan-Style Indian Restaurant Has A Briyani Platter Big Enough to Feed The Whole Family

Good day foodies, what are you craving for today? We don’t know about you, but herbs and spices sure sound good. Ditch the usual go-to cafes and restaurants and try out something heavier and savory on the palate. We stumbled upon Gajaa at 8 the other day, can’t wait to share with you our experience. So buckle up foodies as we go on yet another foodventure.


A Brief Background of Gajaa at 8:

We did a little research and apparently Gajaa at 8 is helmed by family members of Keralan ancestry. They have even hired cooks all the way from Kerala to retain its authenticity of Keralan flavors in every dish.

Tucked in one of the bungalows in Bangsar, the restaurant’s posh ambiance is perfect for an evening date. They have hosted multiple parties and weddings in the past, that alone speaks a lot on their quality and service. Is it just us or Gajaa rhymes with ganja (marijuana)?

Their New Bahuballi Briyani Platter:

Since we came in a group, we were introduced to their new menu, the Bahuballi Briyani Platter. We were blown away when the platter was served to us, it could literally feed up to 5 people. The Bahuballi Briyani Platter consists of some of the bestselling dishes at Gajaa at 8, so let’s dig in, shall we?

Starting off with their briyani, which is a must-order over here. In the platter are four different briyani, Chicken Briyani, Prawn Briyani, Lamb Briyani and Paneer Briyani. Their signature has to be Kerala Chicken Biryani, cooked in Malabar style infused with different herbs and spices. They’re fragrant and isn’t too oily, which is great to pair with other dishes.


Paneer Briyani, on the other hand, is a rare find even in other Indian restaurants. Paneer is a type of Indian cheese that has a distinct acidic taste, like an unaged cheese. When infused into briyani, it became a creamy, herbaceous dish, which to our palate, is a good marriage.

Other Dishes in the Bahuballi Briyani Platter:

Meen Pollichathu in our humble opinion is the highlight of the Bahuballi Briyani Platter. It’s a Seabass marinated with Gajaa at 8’s signature spices, then fried to perfection. The marination is very appetizing and did not at all cover the freshness of the fish.


As quirky as it may sound, Prawn Kizhi is a Kerala special. Fresh prawns wrapped and cooked in banana leaf with authentic kerala masala. All the spices and flavors were retained and soaked up by the juicy prawns. Best part is, all the prawns were deshelled.


Not a big fan of seafood? The Bahuballi Briyani Platter has two chicken dishes, Chicken 65 and Chicken Lollipop. Chicken 65 is deep fried with marination of Gajaa spices, a simple dish that’s packed with flavors. The latter, has a similar flavor profile, but uses chicken wings and the edges are wrapped with foil, which is shaped like a lollipop.

There are two types of gravy available for dipping and pairing: Cashew Nut Curry and Raita. The first one is a mild curry with a nutty, creamy profile. Raita on the other hand, is a salted yoghurt mixed with vegetables, great for cutting of the heat from the spices. 

More at Gajaa at 8:

While the serving of their platter is without a doubt generous, we couldn’t leave the restaurant without trying out a few of their bestselling side dishes. Alleppey Fish Curry is another Kerala specialty that has a slight hint of tanginess due to the use of mango infused in their coconut milk. Fun fact: fish and rice are staple foods in Kerala and Sri Lanka.

Kerala Prawn Moilee is fragrant and rich coconut milk. It is also said to be an influence of Portugese-style cooking. The dish comes with a side of appam to dip into the creamy gravy, super indulgent.


We left the restaurant with our hearts and tummy full without any trace of leftovers. That is how good Gaaja at 8 is. With its sophisticated ambiance and attentive service, the place is perfect for celebrations and important dates. We highly recommend you foodies to try this restaurant out for yourself. Don’t forget to tag your food buddies and let us know in the comments about your experience with Gajaa at 8. Have a great day ahead and buh bye!

Gajaa at 8

Address: No. 8, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
Operating Hour: 11:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. (Daily)
Link(s): Instagram | Facebook | Website

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