Stolen Gardenia Van Found In Terengganu With Most Of Its Content Still Inside

Well that's a loaf of wasted time

We have no idea why but as soon as the MCO started, we practically kill each other for a loaf of Gardenia bread. Few of us even bought 5 packets at a time for who knows why. The demand was too high that the company had to increase its production rate to 2.2 million loaves of bread! And here we thought that rice is a staple in Malaysia. So when a whole lorry full of Gardenia products was stolen, we have to get to the bottom of it.


Found Over 300 Kilometers Away From Kuala Lumpur

Recently the netizen was stunned by the news of a missing Gardenia van shared widely through social media. The Hicom Perkasa Van with the registered number BKK 3140 can’t be found in Kuala Lumpur. However, not long after, a Facebook user, Mohamad Khairi Mansor, reported that they have already found the van in Kijal, Terengganu.

gardenia van
Photo: @mohammadkhairimansor (Facebook)

According to Khairi, the van was left in front of Kampung Beris Meraga Mosque in Kijal. Furthermore, the thief had managed to get away undetected. However, this sudden development gained its spotlight because the van still has most of its load in it! In the video shown by Khairi, packets of bread were still there at the back of the truck. Even though most of it toppled over in a huge mess.

van gardenia
Photo: @Mohammadkhairimansor

All Of Gardenia Products Inside Will Be Thrown Away

A lot of speculations came up with this mystery. But most people agreed that the thief was just using the van to travel back to his hometown safely. As we all know, the MCO restricted us from traveling between states. Whatever was the reason was, the company decided that it was best to dispose of all of the van’s contents. Causing a good amount of bread to be wasted.

Photo: @ismaweb

The thief would probably have a good reason as to why he or she stole the van but this is not the time to take account of our own emotion. We have to stay put so that we are not spreading the virus even more that we already have. Hopefully, by now everyone is already aware of this.

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