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Genting Highlands Now Has Karaoke by Zouk?! Introducing RedTail Karaoke

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As if the hotpot in Genting Highlands isn’t hyped enough, your favourite nightlife spot added some new fun up on the mountains. Wonder why the ever famous Zouk in KL is so famous but didn’t want to open a few more outlets? Zouk did bring nightlife higher up, all the way to Genting Highlands. RedTail by Zouk is yet another successful project of the club, the gaming bar is a hit in Genting Highlands. That said, they’re introducing a brand new space, RedTail Karaoke by Zouk. Read lah to find out more.


What is RedTail Karaoke?

“You kidding me of course it’s a karaoke spot.” Duh, but how special are they? Spanning 3000 sq ft. in the current RedTail, from the outside it looks just like the ordinary RedTail bar. Walk closer and you’ll notice a bright red ‘ON AIR’ sign with the Red Panda boy mascot, Xiao Hong. Futuristic design with crimson light hanging down, RedTail Karaoke has got to be the next hit spot in Genting Highlands.

With its modernistic facade, RedTail Karaoke comprises of six rooms, each with different themes and fun characters like Eddy, Joe and Steve. Choose across different themes like Reggae, K-pop, EDM, Rock and Classic. Of course, you have to get there earlier to avoid disappointment.

At a place so fancy, expect atas equipments at RedTail Karaoke as well. Touch screen devices, huge retro microphone standing in the center and with more than 10,000 constantly updated songs and top notch sound system, sing like a Queen and rock the night.

They have a few different packages but we’ll only tell you the two that caught our attention. “Ladies & Gentlemen” is a package of up to 10 pax. You’ll get a bucket of Budweiser, Merlot red wine, two servings each from the snacks list, and a tray of six shots with a choice of of Tequila Lemon Drop, Sour Plum or RedTail smash. Mindblown?

That’s not the best. Get the “Party in the House” for full experience. You’ll get a tower of Tiger beer,  Moet Champagne, Chandon Imperial, a tray of 12 shots as well as two servings each from the snacks list (banyak atas). This is how you should end the night in Genting Highlands at RedTail Karaoke.

But……I Don’t Know What is RedTail by Zouk


It’s okay to not stay updated with life, we do the job for you. It’s a bar but better because RedTail by Zouk has tonnes of exciting drinking games like Beer Pong, Giant Jenga and Xbox E-games. Who says you can’t drink and play?

They do it the futuristic, twisted style. Millennials love RedTail by Zouk especially their signature sour plum shot, the go-to shooter for partygoers in Singapore. Much Crazy Rich Asians vibes going on here in RedTail by Zouk. (Ps: Read till the end for address and operating hour.)

Credit: @eeting

We’ll leave it up to you guys to have all the fun at RedTail Karaoke and RedTail by Zouk. Really, Genting Highlands is no longer about theme parks and casino, time to spice things up a little. Jio all your buddies and share your experience with us okay? Buh Byeee!


RedTail & RedTail Karaoke by Zouk

Address: Level G of SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.
Operating Hour: 5pm to 3am (Daily)
More Info:

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