This Zero-Waste Grocer In Cyberjaya Lets You Self-Refill Grocery Items

It Has A Bali-Style Interior

Hey there friends! If you guys are into the zero waste practice, then today’s post is for you. There’s a zero-waste store in Cyberjaya that lets you refill everyday grocery items as much, or as little as you like. It’s none other than Go Bulk located in Tamarind Square.

Go Bulk – A New Zero Waste Store In Cyberjaya

Zero Waste practice should be a common practice in our lives. This practice essentially prioritizes on waste prevention and at the same time, the reuse of products.Ā In a zero-waste system, the material will be reused until the optimum level of consumption.

Go Bulk Zero Waste Store Cyberjaya
Photo: @nc.zic (Instagram)

There are many ways to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle such as ditch plastic packaging, minimize food waste, avoid using potentially toxic styrofoam, and many more. While that might take some practice, we know of one fun way to get started on this lifestyle.

Go Bulk Zero Waste Store Cyberjaya
Photo: @nc.zic (Instagram)

Whenever you need to stock up on some grocery items, hold the idea of shopping at supermarkets for a bit. Instead, look for zero-waste stores nearby. If you’re in Cyberjaya, head for Go Bulk in Tamarind Square. This zero-waste store has a really simple concept.

Just bring your own container and refill any grocery items you need in 3 simple steps:

  1. Weigh
  2. Refill
  3. Checkout
Go Bulk Zero Waste Store Cyberjaya
Photo: @gobulkstore (Instagram)

The interior of this store is suited to its zero-waste concept. It’s simple, minimalist, and decorated with bamboo sticks as well as rattan pendant lights.

Go Bulk Zero Waste Store Cyberjaya
Photo: @nc.zic (Instagram)

Change Starts From Within

You can find a wide variety of grocery items here such as Cleaning Products, Cooking Ingredients as well as Dried Food Items. This way, we can all reduce single-use plastic. Though it may be menial if we adopt this lifestyle individually but change always starts with the man in the mirror.

Go Bulk Zero Waste Store Cyberjaya
Photo: @gobulkstore (Instagram)

Address: Ā E2-04-03, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia,Ā Cyberjaya

Operating Hours: (TUE – FRI) 12PM – 8PM | (SAT & SUN) 10 AM – 6 PM | Closes on Mondays

Link(s): Facebook | InstagramĀ 

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