GrabFood Driver Uses Audi A6 To Deliver Char Kuey Teow

Just yesterday, a netizen posted an update on twitter saying that his food was delivered by an Audi A6. With the regular expectation of motorcycles or Proton cars that we usually see on Grab, we can’t imagine the look on his face when he saw a luxurious A6!


Tweet Of GrabFood Order Delivered By Audi A6 Becomes Viral Among Netizens

The best surprises come when you least expect it, and we are sure that this man’s craving for Dry Wok Fried Aussie Beef Kuey Teow gave him the shock of his life. Also, the 5 star rating of the driver comes as no surprise! Thank you Mr. Khoo for making one man’s day and giving the internet something entertaining to talk about other than COVID-19!

Photo: @PejuangJlnLurus

Grab Malaysia Acknowledges Customer’s Luck

Grab Malaysia replied to the man’s tweet calling him lucky and thanking him for sharing the story!

Translation of Original Tweet: “Assalamualaikum and good morning virtual friends. My breakfast this morning was delivery by a Chinese GrabFood brother in an Audi A6 double digit number plate!”


Photo: @PejuangJlnLurus

In case you’re wondering why cars are used to deliver food now, Grab Malaysia included car driver partners to help out with the overwhelming demand of delivery.

Let’s Thank The Efforts Of Our Delivery Partners

One of the greatest blessings to be able to live in Malaysia is our ability to get any kind of food you want, whenever you want! However, now that we’re stuck at home until 28th April 2020, this blessing will have to come in the form of food delivery services like GrabFood. Let us all remind ourselves to thank our delivery partners for their efforts!

Photo: thesundaily (Website)

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