GSC Turns Into “Gaming Screen Cinemas” Where Gamers Can Play Their Favourite Console Games on The Big Screen

Greeting foodies! The year of 2020 is definitely all about being creative and innovative in business, given the current situation. Just when we thought GSC couldn’t get more creative (GSC admin we love you), the entertainment company rolled out a new promo that allows you gamers to play your favourite console games on the big screen. Can you imagine playing on such a huge screen, in a cinema hall all to yourself and your gang of friends? Mind-blowing.


GSC Big Screen Gaming Promo Will Make Gamers Scream Out of Satisfaction:

Gamers, gather around! GSC has just turned themselves into “Gaming Screen Cinemas” by offering this bizzare Big Screen Gaming Promo. Enjoy not one, but three hours of fun on their massive screen in a cinema hall from only RM188. More than just privacy, it’s the ultimate satisfaction, like imagine playing Among Us on that big screen.

Not syok enough? There’s another package that comes with food and drinks for only RM 250. Package includes 3 hours of gameplay, food &d drinks worth up to RM75, and a RM200 F&B vouchers.

Terms & Conditions of The Big Screen Gaming Promo:

Some people been asking “can I use the 3 hours to watch videos or work?” HELLO. OF COURSE CANNOT. The promo is exclusively for gameplay only. You’ll have to bring your own console (power cable, console, game and etc), and make sure they’re all charged (very kantoi leh if paid and everything only to realize no battery). Customers are also required to bring along their console to GSC staff during the testing and event day for setup purposes. Some people will violate the rules regardless, so to make it simple, no internet will be provided. Below is the full list of T&C:

Kudos to GSC team for coming up with such creative idea. Gamers, this is a great deal, not only do you get privacy, but ultimate satisfaction playing on such a big screen. Don’t forget to tag all your gamer buddies in the comments and spread the word. That’s all, have a great day ahead, buh bye!

Participating outlets:

  • GSC Queensbay Mall
  • GSC Ipoh Parade
  • GSC AEON Bandaraya Melaka
  • GSC Paradigm Mall Johor

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