Now You Can Get Fresh Authentic Italian Groceries Delivered Straight To You (Here’s How)

Hey, foodies! We know that the hunt for an Italian deli or grocery store that carries all your favourite Italian products in KL is not an easy task. Look no further! Because HappyFresh now carries a wide range of Italian products, all of which are made in Italy. They even have pork-free products so you can cook up an authentic Italian feast at home.


Get A Huge Range Of Authentic Italian Groceries From HappyFresh

At HappyFresh, they have a variety of supermarkets and specialty stores. Hence, you can find authentic Italian products from stores like BSC Fine Foods, De Market, TMC, Village Grocer, Giant, AFB (Adult Food & Beverage) and more. The options and variety are endless at HappyFresh!


Italian Wines Fit For Every Occasion

Italian food is not the same without pairing your meal with some of their best wines. At HappyFresh, you can find a great selection of Italian-imported wines like Sicilia Red Wine & Chianti Classico & Chardonnay White Wine. Elevate your Italian feast with these great pairings to your meals at home or for gatherings with friends and family.

Some of their must-try wines to get include Donnafugata Sherazade Nero DÁvola Sicilia Doc Red Wine, Cafaggio 2011 Basilica Solatio Chianti Classico Riverva Red Wine,SCAIA Garganega Chardonnay 2015 White Wine.

It’s not an Italian feast without some fine authentic Italian meats. Have you tried salami or prosciutto pasta before? It is so simple to make, plus it’s tasty and nice! Make your own now by selecting from an assortment of cold cuts like salami or prosciutto from HappyFresh. Or make a fine Italian comfort food using exquisite cotechino – pork sausages that require slow cooking.


Wide Range Of Pork-Free Italian Products


Aside from that, you can also shop for tons of pork-free Italian products at HappyFresh, such as pasta, cheese, olive oil, snacks and more. Meanwhile, there are also halal-certified brands to be found here, including crowd-favourites like Barilla pasta, BASSO Extra Virgin olive oil, Galbani Mozzarella cream cheese, Nutella Chocolate and Hazelnut spread, Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate. Try making this highly decadent but super easy chocolate dessert with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and Nutella spread!


Shop For All Your Italian Grocery Needs At HappyFresh

HappyFresh offers more than just local groceries now, so get your hands on all the products you need for an Italian feast at home! Shop online at HappyFresh. Or better yet, download the HappyFresh mobile app, so you can shop for the freshest groceries no matter where you are AND get the latest discounts and promos! Start shopping and enjoy, foodies!

Shop at HappyFresh today.

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