These Love Bites’ Quinoa Cookies Are The One Snack You Wouldn’t Mind Getting Hooked On To

The Only Love Bites We Want!

Don’t you hate it when hunger strikes at the most random hours of the day. We know what that feels like! Cookies may be the best snack to munch on at these times. But most of them are not as healthy as you thought to be…until now!


Hello M’arch Love Bites’ Quinoa Cookies Are The Perfect Snack For Any Hour

Introducing the all new Love Bites’ Quinoa Cookies by Hello M’arch! Using Organic Tri-Color Quinoa superfood as its main ingredient, it’s no doubt a protein-rich snack with 9 types of amino acids. Best part of it all – these adorable love-shaped cookies contain less sugar than regular cookies in the market!

Not only that, but these #HealthyLovebites are also gluten-free and GMO-free, with NO preservatives, NO cholesterol, NO additional flavouring or colouring, AND it’s Halal-certified!

#HealthyLovebites That Are Proudly Made In Malaysia

It’s also a bonus to know that these cookies are all locally made in Malaysia. Hello M’arch Love Bites Quinoa Cookies only uses premium imported ingredients for the dough. It uses very low oil, which cuts down the fats and calories intake for all the munchies. It’s then oven-baked at a low temperature to preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients.


They Comes In 3 Addictively Delicious Flavours

After seeing how it was made, we had to put it to the taste test. The first one we tried was their Belgian Double Chocolate. Chocolate lovers are going to love these as they are made fully from Belgian chocolate. It’s also not overpoweringly sweet, making you crave for bite after bite.


Why settle for one when you can enjoy 3 different flavours of these Love Bites’ Quinoa Cookies flavour. Next, we tried their Japanese Green Tea and Belgian Dark Chocolate Chips. You get a strong whiff of matcha aroma the moment you open its individually packed cookies. Meanwhile, the Belgian Dark Chocolate Chips can easily be a crowd-favourite with its heavily coated chocolate chips.

Get Your Dose Of Love Bites’ Quinoa Cookies Today!

 Honestly, we are addicted! One box of Love Bites’ Quinoa Cookies comes with 6 individually packed x 2 pieces (12 pieces) cookies and you’ll be finishing all of them in no time. Get your hands on these irresistible #HealthyLovebites from your nearest supermarket and pharmacy – Aeon, R Pharmacy, Qra, De Market, Health Lane Family Pharmacy and more retailers coming up soon. Or you can shop online via Shopee or Lazada! Munch away, foodies!


Hello M’arch

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