Here’s What You Must Know Before Buying Gardenia Bread

the secret code

Have you ever seen someone “squeeze” loaves of bread, checking for freshness and softness before buying it? No, he/she is not weird. But really.. how do you know you are getting the freshest Gardenia bread on the shelf, while trying to fight it with a dozen other people in this movement control order (MCO) season? By checking the COLOURS on the TAG! Did you know that Gardenia uses a set of colours to classify the freshness of their bread?

Colours To Remember


Each color shows which day of the week the bread was baked:

  • Monday: Tan
  • Tuesday: Orange
  • Wednesday: Yellow
  • Thursday: Blue
  • Friday: Green
  • Saturday: Red
  • Sunday: White
Photo: @nolansssss (Instagram)

However, Gardenia is not the only bread company in the world that uses colour tags to differentiate the day each loaf of bread was made. Other bakery companies also use codes for 5-day deliveries, with the most common being:

  • Monday: Blue
  • Tuesday: Green
  • Thursday: Red
  • Friday: White
  • Saturday: Yellow
Photo: (Instagram) | @jedot (Instagram)

Code For Convenience

Gardenia is one of the few bakery companies that produces and delivers 7 days a week. Most stores don’t get deliveries on Wednesdays and Sundays. Actually, this entire “colour” system was set up so that supermarkets and grocers can easily identify which bread is new and which of them are getting old. Then, they can be removed accordingly and replaced with new and fresh ones. Well next time, if you see a stranger in the store squeezing loaves of bread again, tell them the secret code!

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