This Taiwanese Bakery In KL Introduces New Chocolate And Cheese Bagels

Taiwan’s street food never ceases to attract whoaws from foodies. Why should it? It’s almost as good as Malaysian food, after all! This time round, we’re featuring Hogan Bakery, a rather well-renowned Taiwanese bakery with chains in Mid Valley, Pavilion, Lion Tower, Jaya Shopping Centre, IOI City Mall, Cheras Leisure Mall, and Bukit Bintang. They’ve been covered by numerous news media including theStar. On the 27th of May, this Famous Taiwanese Hogan Bakery Introduces Brand New Bagels!

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Introducing Hogan Bakery’s Two New Bagels!

1. Cheese Bagel

A vegetarian bagel that features ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, chilli flakes, Italian herbs, and of course, extra-virgin olive oil. Taste the cheese through your nose as you take a bite into this warm, freshly-baked bagel.

2. Chocolate Bagel

Indulge in the simple decadence of melted dark chocolate chips filling wrapped with extra-virgin olive oil chocolate bagel. It’s smooth on the inside as much as it is on the outside.

Behind The Scenes: Process Of Making

We here at KL Foodie never fail to get you the insiders’ points of view; between what goes in the chefs’ minds and what goes on in our mouths, we reveal everything to you. This will be no exception.

Firstly, each and every bagel dough is prepared fresh in the morning with extra-virgin olive oil (more on this soon ?).


Lovingly hand-rolled with different fillings, its ends are then molded together, giving their bagels that round shape.

They are then boiled in caramelised water before being baked!


Fun fact: some of their bakers are actually Taiwanese!


Surprise! You’re In For A Fun Fact

Yes, we’ve all seen “extra-virgin olive oil” on labels before. For the some of us, we’ve had traumatic experiences as a kid when we were curious and asked our parents everything. “Ma, Dad, what’s virgin?” I still remember the look my parents gave each other before finally turning to confront my question…  Beyond that, it may be alien to the most of us what “extra-virgin olive oil” really brings to the table. So, what exactly goes on behind that four-lettered word?

Photo by Roberta Sorge

It’s actually quite important for one to understand the importance of extra-virgin olive oil to fully appreciate Hogan Bakery’s bagels, as its part and parcel of their recipe and what makes it so scrumptiously delicious. Extra-virgin olive oil is made by grinding olives into a paste, before cold-pressing (process of pressing without usage of heat) the paste to extract oil. Normal olive oil, however, is a blend of cold-pressed and processed oils. Basically speaking, extra-virgin is the most premium grade of olive oil one can get as the process of acquiring it is long and tedious. Hence, the higher price!

It’s usually advised for one to save this premium grade of olive oil for dressings or dips, but Hogan Bakery believes in no such thing. It bakes only the best for its customers, giving their pastries a soft cloud-like interior texture that retains its moisture.

Other Must-Tries!

Their bakery shelves a whole host of pastries. From bagels to cakes, they have it all! Amongst their all-time favourites is their Roselle Cream Cheese Bagel. Having had a taste of it ourselves, we can definitely give it our A+. Sweet and only the slightest hint of sourness, the roselle cream cheese filling had a texture alike cheese cake — creamy and dense. Wrapped together in extra-virgin olive oil bagel with the filling are cranberries.

Original Bagel

Dark Rye Buttermilk Bagel

Cranberry Bagel

Black Sesame Bagel

Craving for something besides bagel? Their boston cake pies are oh so scrumptiously fluffy too. The one especially notable flavour was Mango. The sweet taste of mango permeates throughout the smooth whipped cream of the boston cake pie itself, making each bite sinfully satisfying.

Have you had a taste? Tell us what you think! Read more on cafes here!

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