Jam Factory: Seafood Restaurant In A Factory

Hello Foodies! Chinese New Year is around the corner, are you distressed on where to have your reunion dinner with your loves one? You need to consider food that are suitable for elderly and kids, at the same time you need to consider the environment of that place. No worries, scroll on as this will be the perfect place!


Jam Factory: A Factory Themed Restaurant

Entrance of Jam Factory

We are going to tell where is this factory themed seafood restaurant. It is Jam Factory that are located in Puchong! Jam Factory is one of the largest seafood restaurant around Puchong area. This restaurant are themed as factory but it is quite romantic tho, definitely suitable for couples to date and family and friends to gather together!

Jam Factory’s ultimate goal is to allow customer to enjoy live seafood with the cheapest price. They also promise their customer that if there is any restaurant with a lower price, they are willing to reduce the price immediately!  They have got their live seafood kept in the aquarium within their restaurant and you can pick your own seafood by yourself. Here’s what we’ve got from Jam Factory!

Checking Out The Fresh Live Seafood

We have got different type of seafood with different cooking style. We start off with Boston Lobster with Chef Signature Brown Sauce!

Boston Lobster with Chef Signature Brown Sauce

This is a dish from the 1960s that are brought back for us to the present. The congee based sauce are Jam Factory’s secret recipe which you will never want to missed out! The based sauce are with touch of spiciness but it make a good pair with the Boston lobster. This dish is served with fried spaghetti which can be quite filling.

Jam Factory Black Pepper Crab

Next up, we have Jam Factory Black Pepper Crab, a dish with 65 years of history. It is cooked with 12 different type of spices, thus making the crab flavorful and peppery. Usually we will eat crab with the common sauce such as kam heong but if you want to have a different flavored crab, Jam Factory Black Pepper Crab is the ideal choice. Both Black Pepper and White Pepper are available in Jam Factory!

Mantis Prawn Sze Chuan Mix Japanese Style

Then we have the Mantis Prawn with Sze Chuan Mix Japanese Style. This is not the ordinary salt and pepper mantis prawn that we are able to eat outside. This dish is cooked with the mixture of Sze Chuan Spices and deep fried Japanese Tempura Style. Thus, this make the dish definitely less oily! The crunchiness of the Mantis Prawn will definitely make you to want more.


The Chef’s Special Oriental Menu In Jam Factory

Barbeque Chicken with Yam Ring

Looking at the picture make you feel like an ordinary Kung Po Marmite Chicken? No! This is a fusion dish incorporating BBQ sauce from the west and finished with Chinese herbs marinate. The chicken are soft when you bite and the Yam Ring is crispy on the outside. This is definitely suitable for elderly and children!

Squid with Rojak Sauce

Next up, we have Squid with Rojak Sauce. Doesn’t the dish name catch your attention as we Malaysian loves Rojak? We normally eat Rojak with fruits and rojak sauce. However, Jam Factory make this dish even more interesting by mixing the usual rojak vegetable and fruits with deep fried baby squid and it is coated with Jam Factory Rojak Sauce. This dish will surely leave you with unforgettable taste and chewing texture!

Chef Special Homemade Seaweed Beancurd

Next up, we have Jam Factory Chef Special Homemade Seaweed Beancurd. This dish is made with Seaweed, Chicken Floss, Salted Egg Yolk and specially grind soya beans. The texture are soft and smooth with the taste of salty with mild sweetness.

Kailan In Two Variety

Then, we have Kailan in Two Variety, a dish that is simple but delicious! The kailan are cooked in two method, the leaves are cooked in deep fried method which is crunchy like eating chips, and the stem are cooked in stir fried method. This combination is the best of both world!

Jam Factory

Are you excited to visit Jam Factory? It is definitely an ideal place to bring your loves one to this Factory Themed Restaurant. Besides, you will never want to missed out to try the most affordable seafood restaurant right? Jam Factory also accommodate party services upon reservation. Book now and enjoy your meal with your love ones!


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P/S: Jam Factory is a pork-free restaurant.

Jam Factory @ Puchong
Address: 64, Jalan Layang – Layang 2, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30AM – 3:00PM, 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Phone: 03-5879 1063

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