Here Are 5 Popular Japanese Snacks You Simply Can’t Resist & Where To Get Them In Malaysia

Imported Directly From Japan!

Japan is known for many wonderful things. One of them is no doubt the sheer amount of premium novelty souvenir snacks you can find in Japan. You know those nicely packaged biscuits, cakes, chocolate or even sweets. Now you can get your hands on all the famous Japanese snacks directly imported from Japan by ordering it from Rakuten, one of the biggest online marketplace in Japan!


5 Popular Snacks Perfect For Snack Lovers From Rakuten

1. New York Perfect Cheese Crackers

Ultimately, one of the most famous snacks you can ever bring back from Japan is none other than these heavenly cheese crackers. With a harmonious blend of gouda, cheddar and white chocolate all in one crisp, the New York Perfect Cheese is a treat for cheese lovers (and non-cheese lovers)! 

2. Yoku Moku Cigarette Butter Cookies

These cigarette-shaped cookies are actually finely rolled butter cookies that have a ‘golden mixture’ of special ingredients. Baked with plenty of butter, get ready to bite into this popular Japanese snack that’s crunchy and light – leaving a melt-in-your-mouth sensation you can’t get enough of.

3. Sanmangoku Mamador Butter Cake

Next up is this baked confectionary hailing from Fukushima, Japan, that has been winning the hearts and tummies of both locals and tourists since 1967! This bite size butter moist cake with milky bean jam inside is just the perfect snack any time of the day. You can even chill it for a different but similarly delicious texture.

4. Butter Butler Financier Butter Cake


If you’re a butter lover, you honestly can’t say no to these delicious bite-sized butter financiers! Aesthetic packaging aside, open the packet to a rich buttery cake that’s crispy on the surface yet moist inside. Be pleasantly surprised by the hint of maple syrup in each bite.

5. Bern Millefeuille

Last but certainly not least, is this signature Japanese milk chocolate snack that has been around since 1965. A popular souvenir for chocolate lovers, a single box of the Tokyo Berne Millefeuilles comes in three different flavours – sweet, hazelnut and milk. Pleasantly sweet and milky chocolate wafer that’s perfect for tea-time!


Rakuten Is Your One-Stop For All Your Japanese Goods

Rakuten, one of the biggest online marketplace in Japan since 1997, has over millions of products. Aside from snacks, there’s a huge array of items on Rakuten such as clothing, books, everyday items and so much more!  They also have regular promotions like Super Sale or Shopping Marathon every month with coupons and points back! Don’t miss out on the upcoming shopping marathon on May 9th 2021!

Though the site is mainly for domestic, we can always use some translation tools and forwarding service to ship them back to Malaysia! One of the trustworthy choices would surely be their official service provider – Rakuten Global Express.


Rakuten Global Express can consolidate and send out the orders made from a wide range of online stores in Japan. So you can save on shipping and get everything you want from different online stores in a single order!

Here’s How To Shop On Rakuten

  1. Sign up for FREE as a Rakuten Member on Rakuten website and also any forwarding service (but we do recommend Rakuten Global Express!) to get a personal warehouse address in Japan!
  2. Shop in Rakuten and do not forget to use the Japan warehouse address as delivery address
  3. When the parcels arrive at the warehouse, instruct the forwarding partner to consolidate and/or group the parcels to send out. Choose your packaging & delivery method.
  4. Track your parcels & it’ll be delivered to you soon!

*Useful Tips: Most shops accept credit cards and feel free to use the Translate webpage function by Google Chrome.

Satisfy All Your Japanese Cravings Through Rakuten Now

Craving for authentic Japanese snacks? Rakuten has it all covered for you! These are also perfect for gifting on any special occasions! So hurry and start shopping on Rakuten today.

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