Jaya Grocer & Mydin In Malaysia Are Opening Early To Let Seniors Shop Without Crowds

Mydin Is In It Too!


  • Jaya Grocer and Mydin will be implementing a special opening hour for the elderly & vulnerable
  • Elderly include those aged 60 & above while vulnerable are OKU and pregnant ladies
  • Available at all Jaya Grocer outlets nationwide and selected Mydin outlets

Hello Malaysians, with the announcement of the Movement Restriction Order by our PM last night, everyone is left in a state of panic. Some even hoarded the supermarkets to stock up on groceries that will sustain them for 2 weeks. With such a frantic state everywhere, did we slow down, pause and think about the consequences of our actions?

Jaya Grocer To Open 30-Minutes Earlier To Cater Shopping Needs Of Elderly & Vulnerable

Us youngsters may have the capability to grab whatever we want in one go but what about the elderly and vulnerable? Who’s going to help them carry 2 weeks of grocery supply all at once? So, with this disadvantage, Jaya Grocer and Mydin have picked up on an international measure. They will dedicate special opening hours for the elderly and vulnerable to get some shopping done.

Jaya Grocer Special Opening Hour
Photo: (Website)

Happening every morning from the 18th March to 31st March 2020, Jaya Grocer will be opening their doors 30 minutes earlier to cater to the shopping needs of the elderly and vulnerable. Confirming with the Customer Service team at Jaya Grocer, senior citizens are those aged 60 & above and shoppers are required to produce their IC for inspection. 

Jaya Grocer Special Opening Hour
Photo: @JayaGrocer (Facebook)

In addition to that, the vulnerable will include OKU and pregnant ladies. This is indeed a great move by Jaya Grocer as they consider the well-being and needs of the elderly. Also, the 30-minute special opening hour will be available at all Jaya Grocer outlets, nationwide. This initiative is to ensure that those in need can shop for their daily needs in a safe environment.

Photo: (Website)

As of right now, no special counters will be allocated to the elderly. However, Jaya Grocer will provide an update to all shoppers via their official Facebook page if there are any in the nearest future.

Jaya Grocer Special Opening Hour
Photo: @JayaGrocer (Facebook)

To add on this initiative, Mydin USJ 1 will also be implementing the same move, whereby they will open at 7.30AM to allow seniors and OKUs to shop. Also, there will be dedicated cashier counters for senior citizens and OKU along with some staff to assist this group.

Mydin special shopping hours
Photo: @MydinMalaysia (Facebook)
Photo: @MydinMalaysia (Facebook)

Check out the video announcement here:

Shop With Caution

So, for now, it’s best to stay calm and stay safe. And, do get the word out that this isn’t a lockdown and only shop when you’re running low on essentials. We don’t need to further fuel panic among Malaysians. Take care!

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