Jollibee Customer In The Philippines Was Served A Deep-Fried Towel Instead Of Fried Chicken

It Was Even Fully-Battered!


  • A woman in the Philippines ordered Jollibee and was shocked to receive a deep fried towel instead of fried chicken.
  • She posted her experience on Facebook and her post has since garnered over 82,000 shares.
  • Check it out here.

Woman In The Philippines Receives Deep Fried Towel Instead Of Fried Chicken From Jollibee

Photo: Alique Perez (Facebook)

Jollibee is a fast food chain restaurant in the Philippines. Famously known for their fried chicken and their tagline, “Home of the Famous Chickenjoy!” – they’ve recently caused a stir when a woman in the Philippines received a deep fried towel in her takeaway order instead of fried chicken.


Photo: Alique Perez (Facebook)

In a series of photos and videos, the woman named, Alique Perez can even be heard saying, “chicken, looks like a normal chicken…”, in her video. It seems that Jollibee has mistakenly sent this woman a deep fried towel. And, it is even fully-battered! Check out her original post below.

Photo: Alique Perez (Facebook)

All we can say after watching her videos is “yikes!”, how would you have reacted if this happened to you? One thing’s for sure, it certainly did look like regular fried chicken but surely it was an unpleasant surprise at her end. Let us know how you would react to this in the comment section below! Bye for now, and stay safe!

Source: Alique Perez (Facebook)

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