JUST-IN: Majority Of Economic Sector Nationwide Including Restaurants To Resume Operations On 4 May 2020

Hello, fellow Malaysians. Today may feel like any other day during MCO, but the nation can finally rejoice at some good news for the economy. Pretty sure you’re already aware from the announcement from Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that majority of the economic sector is able to resume businesses next Monday, 4 May 2020. However, this goes without saying that businesses and individuals will be compulsory to adhere to necessary Standard Operating Procedures.

Restaurants To Resume Businesses Next Monday With SOP In Place

Restaurants will be allowed to reopen and customers are allowed to dine in. However, all individuals must adhere to stringent SOP while doing so. This includes social distancing with tables being placed two metres apart with the number of customers limited based on table size.

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Besides, all restaurants must also register the name and time of visit of all customers. This enables the health officials to trace back to the customers if someone were to be tested positive later on. Of course, this goes without saying that temperature checks will be carried out on all customers and workers as well.

Customers must also keep a one-metre social distancing rule at the cashier or while taking food, where restaurants must place a line of indication on the floor. Apart from that, standard hygiene facilities such as preparing hand sanitisers at payment counters and sufficient hand soap must be supplied at sinks. Workers will also have to constantly have face masks on at all times.

A Great News For The Nation On Labour Day

This is certainly great news for the entire nation. Since the MCO has been taken place, the entire economic sector has taken a great hit. Now that the number of new cases has drastically dropped since the start of the MCO, the nation can finally take a breather while still remaining cautious at all times. Cheers to a long weekend, and it’s back to the grind!

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