NEW Japanese BBQ Spot In KL With Huge Torii Shrine Gate & Famous Osaka Running Man Sign

Nestled in the new dining enclave surrounded by lush greenery, pond, and waterfalls, Kampai Yakiniku appears to fit well with the scene at Bamboo Hills in Segambut for its Japanese nature. This new open-air Japanese barbecue restaurant offers a range of authentic Japanese delicacy behind its shrine-inspired walls.


Kampai Yakiniku at Bamboo Hills – An Authentic Japanese Dining Experience

kampai yakiniku

Entrance to this restaurant is grand with the huge Torii shrine gate, traveling you to a spacious dining area embroidered with true Japanese vibes. Woody interior with lanterns, banners and posters with Japanese wordings hanging around further transport you to a small town in Japan.

Semi-private seatings are available by the walls too, which are all nice and cozy.


kampai yakiniku


Design on the other side appears to be inspired by convenience stores on the street in Japan, this is where the restaurant prep the alcohol for customers. What you’ll notice here is the famous Osaka running man sign (Gilco running man), which calls for an instagram moment for sure . This area is specially made for drinkers to enjoy some alcohol and liquor.

Authentic Japanese Flavours at Kampai Yakiniku

The ambiance at this restaurant is perfect, and what keeps up with it is their food. Headed by two Japanese chef, along with a Japanese owner, Kampai Yakiniku takes pride in presenting the most authentic taste of Japan.


You can get a glimpse of the Japanese chef preparing the Japan-imported meat from the mini kitchen window too! From Japanese BBQ to classic meals and side dishes, here’s what we had on our visit:

Premium Japanese Beef BBQ

BBQ is the highlight at Kampai Yakiniku, we first tried the Beef Tongue Thick Cut

Beef Tongue Thick Cut

Don’t be intimidated by it for being a tongue as it tastes similar to other parts of beef. We are impressed with its soft and melt-in-mouth texture, no wonder its a signature order at this restaurant.

Next, we had the Misuji Thin Cut that’s much appreciated for its goodness.

Misuji Thin Cut

This juicy slice of beef tastes best with raw egg as dipping sauce.

Our favourite is the 7 Kinds of Meat set that comes with different parts of beef and marination. 

7 Kinds of Meat

The 7 wonders in this set include Tougarashi, Sotobara, Premium Short Ribs Karubi, Tomosankaku, Ichibo, Oyster Blade- Misuji, and Zabuton. 

Each cut offers great taste and texture, we can’t really choose which is the best. Let us know what’s your favourite cut when you visit Kampai Yakiniku.

A last main serve is the Wagyu Yukhoe (Sashimi), served raw and fresh.

kampai yakiniku

Wagyu Yukhoe (Sashimi)

If you never had raw beef before, this is a sign for you to try this Wagyu Yukhoe. It comes with an egg yolk and some scallions so do mix them up and enjoy it a mouthful.

Staple Japanese Rice Dishes

Classic Japanese rice dishes are served here too and we know we had to try the fried rice and curry rice.

Wagyu Fried Rice

Wagyu Curry Rice

These hot dishes gave us a reason to come here even when we don’t feel like having barbecue!

Must-Get At Japanese Restaurant

Lastly, a classic Japanese gyoza to complete our feast here.

Beef Wagyu Gyoza

Good noms, we think it’s a side dish that you shouldn’t miss out when you visit the restaurant!

Visit Kampai Yakiniku At Bamboo Hills Now

Address: Lot P3A, Taman Bukit Bambu (Bamboo Hill), off, Lebuhraya Duta – Ulu Kelang, Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 12PM – 10PM (Daily)

Status: Pork-free

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Enjoy, foodies!

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