Kean Seng Kopitiam: A 3rd Generation Family Business Serving Hainanese Food & Ipoh Delights

All Of Your Ipoh Favourites!

Hello, foodies! There’s a coffee shop that you must check out and it’s a third-generation run family business. Located in Sunway Geo, Kean Seng Kopitiam is where you go for delicious Hainanese food and some of your favourite local delights from Ipoh!


Bringing You Hainanese Food & Coffee For Years To Come @ Kean Seng Kopitiam

Upholding the legacy of their great grandfather, the current third-generation hopes to continue serving authentic Ipoh-style food to the crowd here in Klang Valley. This kopitiam oozes 1960s coffee shop vibes and you’ll totally love the food here! Continue reading below to find out what you should try!


Ipoh Beef Brisket Noodles Soup

Kean Seng Kopitiam is most famous for their Ipoh-style Beef Brisket Noodles Soup that is heartwarming and very tasty! This is one of their signature dishes and you can choose from four types of noodles: Sha Hor Fun, Yellow Noodles, Mee Hoon, and Hakka Mee.

Beef Slice Dry Noodles

Another one of their signature dishes, you can also try their Beef Slice Dry Noodles. The noodles are springy in texture and when you eat it together with the crunchy bean sprouts, it’s the best combo ever! This dish also comes with a hot bowl of beef soup that’ll warm you right up. Make sure you order this!

Pork Noodles Soup

If we could pick one meal to have on a rainy day, this would be it. Their Pork Noodles Soup is a delightful bowl of hot noodles. Perfect for lunch or dinner, this dish is a win any time of day. You can also choose from their four types of noodles for this dish. Pick your favourite and get eating!


Hainan Dry Curry Mee

If Curry Mee is your go-to order at the coffee shop, you must try Kean Seng’s Hainan Dry Curry Mee because it’s so delicious! It is the perfect bowl of dry noodles and the curry has just the right amount of spice. Curry lovers should definitely order this dish!

Shredded Chicken Noodles


Nothing says Ipoh like a bowl of Shredded Chicken Noodles and you can also have it at this restaurant. This bowl will definitely satisfy all your Kai See Hor Fun cravings. Served to you piping hot, we are certain that you’ll be slurping non-stop on these tasty noodles.

Ipoh Style All Mix Chee Cheong Fun

A good ol’ classic dish from Ipoh, their All Mix Chee Cheong Fun is perfect for those who love eating flat rice noodles. It comes with the most delicious sambal on the side, and the sambal just adds a depth of spiciness to the dish that we know you’ll absolutely love!


Visit Kean Seng Kopitiam In Sunway Geo With Your Friends & Family Today!

Kean Seng Kopitiam 

Address: E1-01-07, Block E, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Sunway South Quay, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Monday to Saturday), 10am – 6pm (Sunday)

Status: Non-halal

Link(s): Facebook

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