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KFC Delivery Is Offering 30% Off During Raya & Here’s The Promo Code


  • KFC Malaysia is offering 30% off during Raya.
  • The promo code is “KFCRAYA30”.
  • The minimum order value is RM25 and the discount capped at RM10.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

Hello, friends! In just a few days, we will be finally celebrating Raya. Despite the current situation, Raya is a joyous occasion and it should be celebrated among family. Having that said, there’s nothing more pleasing than to have a bucket of fried chicken in the middle of the dining table! Enjoy crunchy fried chicken in the comfort of your own home and get it discounted, too!

KFC Delivery Is Offering 30% Off During Raya

Photo: KFC (Facebook)

Behold, KFC Malaysia is offering 30% off for deliveries during Raya. That’s right, you can enjoy your favourite delights including fried chicken, burgers, wedges for a good price. Let’s not forget about seasonal choices such as the latest Nasi Kari Atuk. After all, it is available for a limited time only. Alright! Are you ready to order? Here’s how you do it.

Photo: @kfcmalaysia (Facebook)

Simply head down to its official website, choose delivery, key in your location, and start ordering. Before you head out, remember to use the promo code “KFCRAYA30”. Just like many other good deals, this deal comes with some terms and conditions, too! The minimum order value is RM25, and the discount is capped at RM10. That’s it! Now, you can start planning your orders!

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What Will You Be Ordering?

Photo: KFC (Facebook)

To check out the menu available for delivery, you can click right here to check it out. Remember that this promotion is only available for delivery, so don’t head down to your nearest KFC for this promo, okay? We will be keeping our eyes peeled for other good promotions happening this Raya. Do you know any? Let us know in the comments! See you in the next post.

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