KFC Malaysia Now Finally Serves Crispy Chicken Skin Snack Combo (Yes, Without The Meat!)

Chicken Skin Is Love

If there’s one  to enjoy fried chicken, it’s definitely munching on the crunchy chicken skin when you’re done with the juicy chicken meat. Rejoice! If you love snacking on just chicken skin, KFC is finally serving crispy chicken skin on their menu!


KFC Launches NEW Chicken Skin Snek Jimat Kombo

Photo: @snapburp (Instagram)

Yasss! After hearing about it from neighbouring countries of the crowd-favourite snack, KFC Malaysia is now serving NEW Chicken Skin Snek Jimat. The Snek Jimat Kombo with Chicken Skin has a loaded potato bowl and a drink at RM7.99. It’s a limited time offer happening from 2pm to 5pm only. Valid till 11th October 2021. Applicable for delivery or self-collect on the KFC App on Apple and Play Store.

If you didn’t know, KFC in countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia have been serving Chicken Skin (a.k.a crackling) since a few years back. Because who doesn’t love crunching on crispy chicken skin. From the looks of it, it seems like the Chicken Skin is extra crispy and thicker than your usual chicken skin off your fried chicken.

Photo: @audmainmasakmasak (Instagram)
Photo: @audmainmasakmasak (Instagram)

Try It At KFC Today!

Intrigued? Try it today and let us know what your thoughts are! You never know, you might have uncovered your new favourite snack from KFC.

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