You Need To Try This “1st-In-Malaysia” Japanese Dessert At Isetan KLCC (Limited Time Only)

Bringing Joy & Pleasure with every Bite

How’s it going, foodies? We hope you’ve been eating well this month because there’s an exclusive new dessert to try this May! Available for a limited time only is the famous Kikufuku, a premium Japanese daifuku mochi snack that’s debuting for the first time at Isetan KLCC’s CF Foodmarket!

Kikufuku Is Now Available In Malaysia For A Limited Time Only

Kikufuku Isetan kLCC

From 15th May onwards, mochi lovers can discover Kikufuku by Igeta Seicha at Isetan KLCC. It’s a creamy daifuku mochi snack that’s loved all over Japan since 1920. Kikufuku is a famous Sendai specialty created by long-standing tea producer Igeta Seicha from Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. Apart from their excellent teas, Kikufuku is one of their most popular tea-based confections made with Miyagi Prefecture’s signature glutinous rice!

Kikufuku Isetan kLCC

As described, Kikufuku is a cream daifuku mochi – a much-loved sweet in Japan. A daifuku is a type of Japanese confection with a sweet filling, typically made of Anko (sweet red bean paste) and cream. With its balanced flavours and pleasant textures, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most iconic Japanese desserts in the world.

Isetan KL has always made it their mission to introduce exclusive premium artisanal Japanese sweets and desserts to Malaysia. Thus, it’s only logical that they’d introduce Kikufuku by Igeta Seicha to us! If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll be able to find this delightful treat at their Foodmarket for a limited time only.

There are four Kikufuku with distinctive fillings to enjoy in a box:

Kikufuku Isetan kLCC

1. Fresh cream: Hokkaido cream wrapped in a thin-skinned rice cake layer, perfectly soft and chewy.

2. Matcha cream:  The signature and most popular flavour, using top-quality matcha from Uji, Kyoto. It contains the classic red bean paste too, of course!

3. Zunda cream: A combination of seasonal edamame mashed into a sweet bean paste with the richness of the cream makes this one a unique option.

4. Hojicha cream: This is the one for Hojicha fans- its strong taste and aroma comes from Hojicha whipped cream using luxurious roasted green tea from Kyoto.

Kikufuku arrives frozen and lasts for about a month in the freezer. Once thawed, remember to consume within 2 days! Note that this dessert may contain alcohol content.

Jump In On The Hype

The soft daifuku mochi skin together with a variety of flavoured fillings in the Kikufuku will certainly bring you pleasure with every bite. At a special price of RM35 per box of 4s, you can gift them to loved ones for any occasion! They’re available exclusively at Isetan KLCC (CF Foodmarket) from 15th May onwards, so hurry and grab some while stocks last! *Limited time only

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