Study Says KL Workers Have The Third Lowest Work-Life Balance In The World

Wait, what?

How are you doing friends? Although most of us are settling in with ‘working from home’ right now, a study shows that we are not exactly living healthily after all. After comparing data from 50 selected cities around the world, KL-ites apparently have the third lowest work-life balance globally. The results are based on an analysis of 19 factors grouped under three broader themes – work intensity, society and institutions, and urban liveability.


Longest Working Hours In The World

Based on the “Best Cities for Work-Life Balance 2020” study by US-based security specialist Kisi, Kuala Lumpur ranked 47th out of 50 major cities worldwide for qualities that make working and living easier. People working in Kuala Lumpur have the longest working hours and spend the most time commuting to work compared to any other city dwellers in the world.

kl third worst work life balance globally
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Kisi selects 50 cities based on their reputation. Specifically based on their reputation in attracting professionals and families for their work opportunities and lifestyle offering. Kuala Lumpur obviously ranked poorly as we take a total of 52 hours a week to commute and work. This is rather shocking when compared to Amsterdam with only 36.14 hours a week.

Adding to the result, 21% of KL-ites were considered overworked. And we have also ranked the fourth ‘fewest vacation days offered’ with many taking only 12 days off per year.

People Tend To Overwork When Working From Home

Although it is reasonable to assume that workers will slack off when not supervised, turns out the reality is completely the opposite. Employees are working more than they should at home to prove to the higher-ups that their productivity and availability don’t drop even when they are at home. “This is a phenomenon called the ‘Electronic Presenteeism,’” said Bernhard Mehl, CEO, and co-founder of Kisi.

“While remote working has a lot of benefits in terms of more flexibility and less commuting time, there is also a very real danger that employees slip into an unhealthy balance between ‘working’ and ‘home’ hours without the physical boundaries of the working environment.” he continued.

Coping Well With Covid-19

However, on the bright side, when it comes to coping with Covid-19, Kuala Lumpur did better. It was the 13th least impacted by the pandemic. This is really good, but hopefully, Malaysians can think of a way to improve their work-life balance as well. So that we can stay mentally healthy you know?

kl third worst work life balance globally
Source: TheStar

Source: The Star | Kisi

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