KTMB Officers Can Now Rule Out Possible Covid-19 Carriers With This Helmet

They look like robocops!

Isn’t that cool? Recently, the KTMB Auxiliary Police have been walking around wearing this nifty gadget. Of course, it would be very confusing to see anyone wearing helmets while riding on public transports. But apparently, this is a very innovative approach for a greater cause.

ktmb police helmet
Photo: @ItsAlannn (Twitter)

Thermal Helmets To Detect Possible Covid-19 Carriers

ktmb police helmet
Photo: @SouthChinaMorningPost (YouTube)

According to a post on Twitter by @IniAlannn, our friendly neighborhood KTMB Auxiliary Police force is now equipped with thermal scanning helmets that may help to prevent Covid-19 from spreading (not, it cannot shoot lasers).

ktmb police helmet
Photo: @ItsAlannn (Twitter)

Here’s How It Works

Turns out, a small infrared camera is installed in the helmet and it can easily capture passengers’ body heat information. The data projects directly to the AR glasses thus allowing KTMB officers to quickly single out possible Coronavirus carriers within a 5m radius. If the helmet detects a temperature of 37.4°C or more, it will set off a siren.

ktmb police helmet
Photo: @ItsAlannn (Twitter)

So Proud!

To put it simply, this helmet detects the surrounding temperature. So rule-breakers beware!  Not to mention, they look so cool in this innovative gadget. Some said that it reminds them of the popular Robocop movie. On the other hand, we are very proud of our officers who decided to take a step further in protecting our wellbeing. Thank you!!!

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