KyoChon Drops NEW Juicy Chicken Thigh And Boneless Chicken Bites That Look So Good

A Full On Korean Fried Chicken Experience

To those who are craving for some Korean fried chicken right now, you need to stay with us. We’ve just got some crispy news that our favourite Korean fried chicken joint, KyoChon has released not 1 but 3 NEW items. Let’s save the words and check them out, shall we?

KyoChon Releases En-Thigh-Zing Chicken Thigh And Chicken Bites

For most of us, KyoChon is the go-to place to satiate our cravings for Korean fried chicken. Of course, no one can resist KyoChon’s perfectly hand-brushed Soy Garlic wingette. Did you know that KyoChon invented this lip-smacking sauce? Couple that with their double-frying method, Malaysians can just never get enough of KyoChon.

KyoChon Malaysia

Well today, you’re about to be on your feet as KyoChon releases an even juicier and meatier Chicken Thigh! Chicken Thigh comes in 2 or 4 pieces as well as the different KyoChon sauces you’ve come to know and love over the years; Soy Garlic, Red Pepper, Honey or Mixed (Soy Garlic & Red Pepper).

KyoChon Malaysia

KyoChon Malaysia

Then, you can have a complete meal by ordering the En-Thigh-Zing Combo which combines 1 piece of Chicken Thigh (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper), steamed rice and a drink. Make your combo sweeter with the Special En-Thigh-Zing Combo that comes with 1 piece of Chicken Thigh (Honey flavour), steamed rice and a drink.

KyoChon Malaysia

Looking for a quick pick-me-up snack? KyoChon has your back. Get ready for the all-new Boneless Chicken Bites. It’s your favourite KyoChon fried chicken now in the form of bite-sized, boneless chicken bites that you can enjoy anytime, any day.

KyoChon Malaysia

Boneless Chicken Bites are available in 2 variations. Fried Chicken Cup-bap (with boneless chicken bites, steamed rice & mixed salad) or Fried Chicken Salad Cup (with boneless chicken bites & mixed salad). Both are priced from RM15 onwards.

KyoChon Malaysia

Let Us Know Your Favourite New Item From KyoChon

So, which one are you going to try out first? We’d say try them all and then let us know which is your favourite. Bye!

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