KyoChon Drops NEW Meat-Free Wrap & Meat-Free Bibimbap Using Harvest Gourmet™ Meat Alternatives

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Hello, foodies! One of your favourite Korean fried chicken restaurants – KyoChon, has just dropped an all new menu and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! The most interesting part about this new menu is that both of their dishes are…meat-free! Yes, you heard that right – KyoChon is launching a new Meat-Free Wrap and Meat-Free Bibimbap that we know you’ll surely want to try!

KyoChon NEW Meatless Menu: Meat-Free Wrap & Meat-Free Bibimbap

KyoChon’s new Meat-Free Wrap* and Meat-Free Bibimbap* comes with meat-free schnitzel from Harvest Gourmet™, which is a new brand launched by Nestlé Malaysia that offers meat alternatives. This meat-free schnitzel has a crispy crumb coating outside and a super tender flavour on the inside. And, it smells and tastes just like a real chicken schnitzel too! Although their new dishes are meat-free, you can bet that it doesn’t skip out on the good stuff. That’s because the Harvest Gourmet™ meat alternatives are still high in protein and contain no GMO soy!

KyoChon Meat-Free Wrap (comes in 2 flavours)

Here’s a fun fact: KyoChon uses premium canola oil to fry their food and, canola oil is known to be beneficial for health too. This new Meat-Free Wrap comes in two (2) different flavours: Soy or Spicy. Fried to perfection – this wrap is as tasty as meatless food gets. The schnitzel is deliciously tender and it goes so well with their honey mustard dipping sauce!

KyoChon Meat-Free Wrap (Combo)

  • Choose any flavour (Soy or Spicy)
  • Comes with potato wedges, honey mustard dipping sauce, and a drink
  • RM25

KyoChon Meat-Free Wrap (Ala Carte)

  • Choose any flavour (Soy or Spicy)
  • RM20

KyoChon Meat-Free Bibimbap (comes in 2 flavours)

Nothing satisfies our Korean food cravings like a yummy bowl of bibimbap and you know it. Packed with fresh greens, a fried egg and crispy schnitzel – KyoChon’s new Meat-Free Bibimbap is a good alternative for those who want to eat healthy and cut down on meat. This dish also comes in two (2) flavours: Soy or Spicy.

KyoChon Meat-Free Bibimbap 

  • Choose any flavour (Soy or Spicy)
  • RM25

*Disclaimer: KyoChon’s Meat-Free menu items are strictly NOT vegetarian or vegan because it contains cheese, honey and egg. And, the restaurant uses the same oil to cook their chickens.

NEW Flavour: Soy Ginger

For those of you who still love eating fried chicken, listen up and listen close because KyoChon is also launching a new flavour and it is – Soy Ginger! This new flavour features a delicate ginger scent coupled with soy to give a spicy pepper and sour taste combo. Are you excited to try this new flavour? We bet you are!

NEW Tteokbokki

Calling all rice cake lovers because you must-try KyoChon’s new Tteokbokki that screams heaven-in-a-bite. Made with natural ingredients, their tteokbokki includes rice cakes, Eomuk (fish cakes), boiled eggs, cabbage and leek. This bowl of goodness is seasoned with a special spicy sauce from South Korea that gives an extra spicy kick to your tastebuds and we just know you’ll love it!

GIVEAWAY Alert: 10x KyoChon Meat-Free Wrap Combo (Worth RM25)

Onto more good news: KyoChon is having a major giveaway just for you! You can stand a chance to taste their new Meat-Free Wrap Combo (worth RM25) for free when you participate in this giveaway via Instagram. So, make sure you follow @kl.foodie on Instagram for more info on how you can join and win some tasty food!


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