Get Fresh Produce From Local Grocers On Lazada This MCO 2.0 For All Your Grocery Needs


  • Thousands of grocers better prepared this MCO 2.0 and thriving on Lazada with daily sales soaring 170%.
  • Over 10,000 grocery and essential assortments curated on a dedicated page.
  • 24-to-48-hour deliveries from select fresh produce and chilled food merchants.
  • Daily Free Shipping vouchers and discounts of up to 50% off are offered.
  • To shop on Lazada, click here.

Shop On Lazada To Get All Your Essentials & Groceries

Thousands of grocery stores that flocked to Lazada Malaysia last year, have now become online business veterans that are continuously feeding the local community during the second Movement Control Order (MCO), on the ‘Keep Calm and Shop from Home’ page.

“Malaysians can shop from over 10,000 essential assortments on the page, ranging from farm-to-table vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and cooking ingredients, to daily necessities, such as face masks, hand sanitisers, toiletries, pet supplies, and more. We stand alongside our business partners to tirelessly serve the needs of our customers, who increasingly rely on us to deliver their everyday needs, evidenced by our grocery category’s daily average sales that increased over 170% year-on-year across 2020,” said Sherry Tan, Chief Business Officer, Lazada Malaysia.

In addition to the daily Free Shipping vouchers and discounts of up to 50% that are offered on Lazada’s ‘Keep Calm and Shop from Home’ page (, select fresh produce and chilled food merchants also provide same-day and 48-hour deliveries for MCO 2.0. Malaysians can have all their essentials delivered fast and fresh to their doorstep every day.

Shwe Ying, Marketing Manager, Cameron Farmers, said: “As an MCO-veteran and a local favourite, it is our duty to support our fellow Malaysians during this MCO 2.0 by providing them with easy access to fresh groceries online. We are able to leverage Lazada’s strong consumer base to MCO-proof our business online and retain the livelihoods of our farmers. From our humble beginnings to eCommerce last year, we have now expanded our offerings to eggs, garden-plucked fruits, and more, in addition to our renowned freshly-harvested vegetables.”

During the start of MCO last year, Cameron Farmers had to throw tonnes of vegetables away due to disruption in the supply chain, but since coming onboard Lazada Malaysia and making use of its vast logistics ecosystem, it has grown a loyal store following of nearly 30,000 with an average of over 10,000KG of fresh produce sold every month.

Lee Ka Seng, Co-owner, Fully Fishery, said: “We have been selling on Lazada Malaysia since the end of last year because of the increasing demand for groceries on the leading eCommerce platform and the much-needed logistics support it provides to sellers. Prior to that, we have been selling our seafood through livestreams on social media, but the pandemic showed that businesses need to adapt and be future-proof. By joining Lazada, we are able to continue leveraging our strength in livestreaming through its in-app LazLive feature, while also offer seamless 24-hour and 48-hour deliveries to Malaysian households.”

Fully Fishery offers a wide selection of freshly-caught seafood on Lazada, including salmons, tilapias, scallops, crayfishes, cods, king crabs, and more. It has proven to be growing into a crowd favourite as Malaysians purchased up to 3,000KG of its seafood every month.


Dylan Lee, Founder, D Mart, said: “After joining Lazada Malaysia, I was able to switch my business model and started selling fresh produce online during the first MCO. I needed to adapt during the pandemic. Even though it was new and unfamiliar to me, I was guided by the Lazada University’s comprehensive training and Lazada’s intuitive eCommerce tools, which enabled my business to flourish. Today, regardless of the MCO’s return, I am more prepared to tap onto the eCommerce’s uptrend in growth.”

D Mart has recorded staggering sales of more than 8,000KG of fresh vegetables in the span of a month with nearly 100% positive store rating from satisfied customers. The store on Lazada has since grown its assortments to include frozen seafood, fresh fruits, seal-packed poultry, and more.

Malaysians who are awaiting the coming Chinese New Year festivities can also look forward to the upcoming Lazada CNY Sale, on 25 to 27 January 2021, to get unbeatable deals on yee sang, abalones, cheongsams, home decorations, and other local favourites to celebrate from home.


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