Little Kid Melts Restaurant Staff’s Heart By Purchasing A Meal For His Mum With All His RM1 Notes

Hello, friends! Every day is a foodie day. We appreciate food and love talking about it, but today we’ve come across a touching story about a little boy and we can’t resist but write about it. While most people might associate boys with noisiness and playfulness, this little kid is going to change your perspective! Wondering what this boy did? Read down for more information.


Little Boy’s Story That Has Melted Many Netizen’s Heart

According to 马克狮 who posted on his Facebook account, the story was about a little boy who has paid a visit to a sushi restaurant. While the staff has spotted the little kid from afar, he noticed that the kid had fallen on the ground while he was making his way to the restaurant. No crying or whatsoever, the kid quickly stood up and continued his way to the sushi restaurant.

Photo: 马克狮 (Facebook)

Obeying the restaurant’s SOP, the kid quietly wrote down his name to check-in. When asked about how many portions he wants to take away, He replied ‘for one, because I want to help my mom. My mom has been working hard and I want to buy food for her’.

Photo: 马克狮 (Facebook)

Touched by the kid’s words and action, the restaurant’s staff further spotted the kid taking out all his RM1 that accumulated to RM16. While the actual price was RM17.15, the restaurant’s staff had only accepted RM16. Shaken by the little boy’s words and politeness, RM1.15 is not a big problem to give to him.

What Do You Think About The Story?

Have your heart melted like us? Indeed a true reality that has troubled many people during MCO and RMCO, earning money has turned more difficult than before. Warming up the hearts of many netizens, many comments have been praising the little kid’s action and his family for bringing him up with good education. Anyways, let us know what you think in the comment box below and see you in the next post!

Actual Post: Facebook

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