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Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest: You Can Hit The Gym Later

Foodies, we’re very excited to share this with you— A food festival is happening right up in KL! You know how much we love food, so do you. In conjunction with the upcoming Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run, they’re holding a food festival as well. Happening on the 27th of October, bring your friends and family along to Great Eastern  LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest! So, mark your calendar, save this up and get your tummy ready for that day. Want to know what Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest has to offer? Continue reading for sneak peek.


Deets of Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest:

Don’t worry, Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest is open to the public from 4 p.m.-10 p.m. even if you didn’t join the run. With a selection of 20 food vendors catering delicious and awesome street food, your belly with scream in happiness. What’s more exciting is that they have invited famous street food from Penang! You don’t have to waste 4 hours’ drive just to taste Penang food. Chill, we know you want more, so prepare yourself for the ultimate food experience.

All the Way from Penang:


1. Nazzeeras Kacang Phool

Cr: @yunapng_


If you’re a follower of Penang Foodie, you might have seen this video gone viral. Thick, roti bakar served with kacang phool sauce which is made from home-ground spices and blended with loads of peanuts! You can even choose the flavors of roti bakar like garlic or cheese to pair with. We’re talking about some sinful, not-so-typical toasts.

2. Hadi Char Koay Teow

Cr: @journaljeeb

Oh char koay teow, Penang’s staple street food. The long drive just to get your hands on the dark, flavorful plate of wok hei goodness. Up until now, our Muslim friends couldn’t taste it due to pork lard. BUT, Hadi Char Koay Teow will be there, and guess what? It’s Muslim-friendly! We can tell you for sure it tastes just as good as the Chinese version.

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3. Chickapollo Fried Chicken

Cr: @chick.a.pollo

If you think this is another “pasar malam” ordinary fried chicken, we’re here to tell you- you’re wrong. Looks just like the XXL fried chicken cutlets, on the inside is where the magic happens. Take a bite on the crispy fried chicken and you’ll find sauce exploding in your mouth. Yes, it’s lava fried chicken. Devil cheese, salted egg, curry butter are just a few flavors on offer. Drooling no?

4. D’Laksa

Cr: @k2keepsmiling

Nothing beats Penang’s Asam Laksa, thick mackerel fish broth combined with the refreshing soury finish, so good. D’Laksa delivers that, those who prefer stronger taste will definitely love their laksa. Spicy, soury, with mackerel fish broth, finishing off with prawn paste, there’s nothing to complain about. Plus, they serve laksa fish balls as well! Not to mention their equally great rojak.

5. Merry Me

Cr: @merryme_penang

Have you seen any ice cream joints or outlets with local flavors? No? That’s because you haven’t tasted Merry Me. They have flavors like gula melaka, tau sar piah, kacang tumbuk, tau hua and MORE. Mindblown right? It’s one of the best ice cream outlets in Penang with the dedication to local flavors, salute.



Ok How can Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest have zero KL food? Another round of preview:


1. Healthy Eats- Salad Atelier

Cr: @saladatelier

With all the heavy, sinful meals, of course, one could also opt for lighter, healthier food, and they have it. Salad Atelier is no stranger in KL, healthy joints focusing on delicious, low-calorie salads. And it’s pretty good, you get a wide range of healthy meals ahead.


2. Healthy Drinks- Granny Doris

Cr: @gdfruitstation

You know it’s going to be a long day at Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest. Go for some refreshing, cold-pressed juice. Healthy, sugar-free and 100% real fruit juice. Hey, isn’t it way better than those sugary, fattening and unhealthy club soda?

3. Julia’s

Cr: @jogjafooddestinations

While this might sound like some fancy atas food, it’s actually very local. It’s ice kepal guys, perfect for the heat and never-ending summer in Malaysia. Cool things up at the Great Eastern Live Great Run Food Fest with a bowl of icy, sweet treat from Julia’s.


Aiyo Just Go to Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest Lah

We have a lot more to share with you, but since it’s a sneak peek, we can’t reveal much. We still need to intrigue you or else there won’t be any surprise. Head over to Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest on the 27th of October and release your monstrous appetite.

Oh, if you want to feel less guilty, join the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run signature 12km run to burn some fat first. Or, have loads of fun in Malaysia’s best 5km fun run that features water wars, foam and color zones on route. We heard there are lots of happenings plus a carnival!


Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run Food Fest

Date: 27/10/2018
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 4 p.m.-10 p.m.



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