M’sians Can Observe The Peak Perseids Meteor Shower On 12th August Or Catch It On Livestream

Stargazers take note!

Hello Malaysians, this is our chance to view the annual Perseids meteor shower at its peak next week on the 12st August from 9PM onwards till the next day early morning. This Perseids meteor shower will hit its peak with a rate of up to 100 meteors per hour with a rate of 59km per second, according to NASA.


The Perseid Meteor Shower


The Perseids are one of the best for introducing the public to astronomy. It is a celestial highlight that anyone can enjoy without telescope or other special equipment. This event happens when the Earth travels through dust and debris from comet 109P/Swift-Turtle. The dust and debris burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere becomes the streaks of light that is visible in the sky when they collide.

Watch The Livestream Of This Perseids Meteor Shower

Photo: @Planetarium.Negara (Facebook)

Stargazers who wish to witness this significant moment will have to travel to somewhere that is far from city lights into complete darkness. For those of us that live in the cities, the Sabah-based group Dark Sky Malaysia would be livestreaming the meteor shower in collaboration with Sabah’s science, technology and innovation ministry and the National Planetarium.

Photo: @Planetarium.Negara (Facebook)

The live stream will start at 8pm on August 12 on both Dark Sky Malaysia’s Facebook page and Youtube channel, as well as on Karnival Sains Sabah’s Facebook page. More information will be provided with a photography contest and quiz to be held during the live stream. Dark Sky Malaysia would issue an e-certificate to those who follow this meteor shower live stream.

Save The Dates For This Perseids Meteor Shower

Photo: @Planetarium.Negara (Facebook)

The Perseids will appear as quick and small streaks of light. According to Nasa, the Swift-Tuttle takes 133 years to orbit the sun once but the Persieds happen every year. For those of you who are interested, make sure to mark your date and don’t missed out on this event!

Link(s): Youtube Livestream | Facebook Livestream

Source: Malay Mail

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