These Local Engineers Designed A Full Body VirusBuster To Support MCO


  • The VirusBuster Nanospray is created by local engineers from Zulldesign Autotronic (ZDA).
  • It will cover the whole body in under a minute.
  • Suitable shopping malls and hospitals.

Everyone is doing their best to be useful at the moment. Each individual, frontliners, the government, and even NGOs are working very hard to help the nation in fighting COVID-19. With all of these good deeds spreading around, how can one even avoid jumping into the bandwagon? Recently engineers from Zulldesign Autotronic (ZDA) created a machine that will help sanitize your whole body in under a minute!

virus buster nanospray
Photo: @ZullDesign (Facebook)


The VirusBuster Can Be Useful In Various Situations

virus buster nanospray
Photo: @ZullDesign (Facebook)

Zulldesign Autotronic (ZDA) was hopeful that this product will be able to help the masses. This innovative creation was said to be able to further enhance the barrier that we have with each other during outings. Especially during the times where we have to go out for groceries shopping. In their Facebook post, Malakat mall, Cyberjaya was pleased to be the first to install this equipment at their front gate.

virus buster nanospray
Photo: @ZullDesign (Facebook)

The stainless steel VirusBuster will automatically spray sanitizer covering our whole body as we pass through. And, it will be done in less than a minute. So we don’t have to worry about our schedule. We think that this is a great idea to help our front liners. Put them all over the malls and hospitals!

Malaysians Are Getting Creative

 virus buster nanospray
Photo: @ZullDesign (Facebook)

Sadly the VirusBuster is not free. However, kind souls can definitely order it from Zulldesign if they wish to place it at any facility. It must’ve cost a lot to make one. In a nutshell, this idea is great and we hope that more people are coming out with creative ideas to improve the state of our nation.

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