Malaysia Now Has Pokemon-Themed Milk Tea With Pokeball Bubbles

Gotta drink them all!

We are currently living in an era full of surprises. We’ve seen so many things changing from time to time and we’re proud to say this period is really the best. We have amazing movies, gadgets, events, games but most importantly we have milk tea! Yay! Hold your grudges! We’ll tell you everything we know


Onezo Malaysia has just released Pokeball Bubbles~ Pika Pika!

Photo: onezo.malaysia

Onezo Malaysia has recently taken creativity to a whole new level. How so? Let’s start with this. Pokemon has always been a favorite to most of us and it sure is something people will never get bored of.

With the return of Pokemon Era, they took the opportunity to make the first ever Pokemon-themed bubbles.

Photo: onezo.malaysia

It’s 2019 and people are loving milk teas especially with bubbles. However, normal black bubbles are too mainstream, so here’s a different look once in a while.

Photo: onezotapioca

Onezo Malaysia has always been extraordinary with their own creativity, handmade bubbles, and hand-shaken milk teas. They’re simply amazing and tasty!

Here’s a picture of its real look:

Photo: eatwithvee

With the release of Detective Pikachu not long ago, we don’t think there’s anything better than Pokemon-themed drinks. Woah, hold your thoughts there Foodies, we know you’re really curious about the tastes and all, or you want to use the Pokeballs to “capture” your friend, but…who are we kidding, just go try them all!


Onezo Malaysia Has Scored the Heart of Pokemon Fans

Let’s be frank, who would’ve thought of this amazing idea. Let’s give our respect to Onezo for making our dreams come true. Foodies, what do you think about this? Leave a comment down below and share this out to your friends! Go and try them out before you turn into ash, heh, cold jokes, now go.

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