McD, KFC And Domino’s Creatively Reacted To Pizza Hut’s Heart-Shaped Pizza Delivery


Happy Valentine’s Day foodies! How are you celebrating love today? Just a few days ago, we’re sure everyone has seen how our favourite pizza joint, Pizza Hut has decided to spread love to its friends. Pizza Hut gave out their new creation, Pizza Heart to McD, KFC and Domino’s Pizza along with a customised love note for each of them. And we must say, real clever Pizza Hut.

Hilarious Return Gesture From Mekdi, Kepci & Domeeno

While we thought that hearty gesture will be ignored, all three receivers instead, did return the gesture. Because come on, we have to be friendly to those around us right? So, let’s get on and take a look at their friendly return gesture.


McDonald’s posted less than an hour ago, a picture of their iconic fries right at the front door of Pizza Hut. But not just any fries, it’s a ‘Friend Fries’. The love note reads: ‘Don’t try too “heart”, let’s be friends instead’. And we just can’t get enough of their friendship.

McD reacts to Pizza Heart
Photo: @McDMY (Facebook)


Moving on, KFC posted a rather hilarious picture on their Facebook and Twitter. They indicate that they’re already in a relationship this Valentine’s (too bad). And, of course, their life partner for now and forever is none other than “11 Herbs and Spices”, in which all KFC chicken are made with.

KFC reacts to Pizza Heart
Photo: @KFCMY (Facebook)
KFC reacts to Pizza Heart
Photo: @KFCMY(Twitter)


Last but definitely not the very least is Domino’s overt expression of love for Pizza Hut. So, if you take a look at Domino’s Facebook page, you’ll know that they’re offering everyone an opportunity to express their love on KL’s billboard. Of course, they need to be the first to try out this method to see if it works. And, the result? A super huge love note which leaves us thinking that you either Go Big or Go Home.

Domino's reacts to Pizza Heart
Photo: @Domino’sMY (Facebook)

So, with all these hilarious clap backs from Pizza Hut’s neighbours, it seems like they’ve all #friendzoned Pizza Hut. Anyone up to take Pizza Hut on a date? Well, they’ve got Pizza Heart! ?

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