McDonald’s Releases New BBQ Beef Burger And Dinosaur McFlurry Makes A Roaring Comeback

Strawberry Custard Pie Is Joining In Too


  • McDonald’s Malaysia releases new burger series; Macho Bites.
  • BBQ Beef Burger is the latest burger release in the series.
  • Dinosaur McFlurry and Strawberry Custard Pie are returning to the menu too.

Good day foodies! We know at this point in time, we’re all still strictly abiding by the Movement Control Order. Since F&B outlets are still operating for takeaways and deliveries, our favourite fast food joint, McDonald’s has a brand new release! Ready? It’s a new BBQ Beef Burger! That’s not all, the Dinosaur McFlurry sets to return to the menu too!

Make Way For BBQ Beef Burger & Dinosaur McFlurry

McDonald’s as we always know, have really interesting menu to keep all of us hooked. From unique pie flavours to Iced Coffee Float, they always have a natural way to leave all us lovin’ it. And up till today, they’re still rolling out new menu alongside bringing back some of our old favourites.

Under the series of Macho Bites are 3 burgers, namely Double Cheeseburger, Big Mac and the brand new BBQ Beef Burger. While the first 2 are permanent items on the menu, the addition of the BBQ Beef Burger looks equally tempting and saliva-drooling.

McDonald's Macho Bites
Photo: @mcdonald’ (Website)

The BBQ Beef Burger comes with a slice of thick, juicy, grilled beef patty complemented with a slice of cheese. Then, it’s slathered with BBQ sauce to create an ultimate burger indulgence for all. If you love BBQ sauce for its aromatic fragrance and how it goes well with just anything, pretty sure you won’t wanna miss out on this.

Enough about new creations, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Remember how once upon a glorious time, McDonald’s actually came up with the Dinosaur McFlurry and left everyone crowding in McD just to get a bite of it? Well, this McFlurry delicacy is once again making a comeback, or as we quote McDonald’s, a roaring comeback.

McDonald's Dinosaur McFlurry
Photo: @mcdonald’ (Website)

If you recollect trying out the McDonald’s Dinosaur McFlurry, it actually comes with chocolate malt powder topped with chocolate puff cereal. So, if you’re a Milo lover, you will definitely love this. We mean, creamy ice cream swirled with choco malt powder and crunchy chocolate puffs, well, what’s there not to love?

McDonald's Dinosaur McFlurry
Photo: @jiaxing_ren (Instagram)

Additionally, the Strawberry Custard Pie is making a return as well! Consisting of half custard and the other half, strawberry, to some, it really is the best of both worlds!



Try Them While They’re Here

So, if you’re stuck at home and trying to figure out what to have for lunch, go on, head over to your nearest McDonald’s outlet. Till next time! Remember to stay safe while you’re at it!

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