McDonald’s Brings Back Double Chocolate Oreo McFlurry That’s Perfect For Chocolate Lovers


  • McDonald’s rolls out Double Chocolate Oreo McFlurry
  • Made with Hershey’s chocolate
  • Available at all McDonald’s outlet nationwide

Hello, foodies! Is the Monday blues hitting harder than usual? Well, there’s nothing like a little sweets can’t cure and where better to get it than your favourite spot for all things sweet and savoury. McDonald’s Malaysia just dropped a chocolate bomb on us and we can’t help but be immediately on board of it.

McDonald’s Drops All New Hershey’s Double Chocolate Oreo McFlurry

Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook)

If you’ve been a hard-core fan of the McD’s Oreo McFlurry, then this McFlurry flavour will have you hailing the chocolate gods. The Double Chocolate Oreo McFlurry made with Hershey’s chocolate has just hit stores nationwide. This may not be the first time you’re seeing it, but it’s definitely one of our favourite McFlurry flavours to date!

Now you can get a bite of that rich chocolatey taste of Hershey’s ice cream topped with crunchy Oreos. This may convert you to change your go-to dessert at McD from the original Oreo McFlurry to this levelled-up one with Hershey’s chocolate goodness. Chocolate chunks on top of chocolate ice cream – yes please!

Photo: @cassandracha (Instagram)

Besides that, McDonald’s Malaysia has also brings back their delectable chocolate sundae series that’s made with Herhey’s chocolate too! No kidding. From Chocolate Sundae Cone to mixed swirls of Chocolate Vanilla Sundae, you’ll have trouble having your pick!

Don’t Wait On It, Try This Chocolatey Goodness Today

Chocolate lovers, don’t sit on this and get it before it goes off the menu at the end of another season. Remember to check out McD’s app for sweet deals that you can get with your set meal as well. Tag you chocoholic buddies down in the comments below too! Happy Eating!

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