McDonald’s Putrajaya Now Welcomes Its Customers With Awesome Korean Vibe And Decor


Looks like McDonald’s is going all out with the Korean theme. We are well aware that McDonald’s now offers a new Korean themed menu; Spicy Korean Burger. Nevertheless, it appears that the popular fast-food franchise decided to take it up a notch and bring Seoul to us in Malaysia.

Korean McDonalds
Photo: @Tripoppabob (Instagram)

Mini Seoul At McDonald’s Putrajaya

Korean McDonalds
Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook)

According to their social media platform, McDonald’s Putrajaya is getting a cute makeover around its premises in order to give its customers the full-blown Korean vibe. Their ceilings are adorned with vibrant and colourful lanterns. Hopefully, they are keeping true to their advertisement because we really want to be served by cuties wearing Hanbok costumes.

Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook) Korean McDonalds

Seoul-ful Photobooth By The Iconic Putrajaya Lake

Korean McDonalds
Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook)

The best part out of this makeover is the “Seoul Daebak” photo booth that they set up by the Putrajaya Lake. With cherry blossom trees surrounding it, your inner fangirls will surely jump in glee. A chance like this only comes once in a blue moon so you better hop over there quickly and snap a photo or two for your Insta-post. Meanwhile, remember to wear your mask at all times and keep your distance from one another in a crowd okay friends? We really can’t afford another MCO so please take care of yourself.

Korean McDonalds
Photo: @Tripoppabob (Instagram)

Address: 39, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Presint 2, 62100 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Contact:  03-8861 5413

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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