BREAKING: MCO Is Now Extended For Two More Weeks From 29 April Till 12 May

Greetings, fellow Malaysians. It has just been announced by the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that MCO is now officially extended for two more weeks. It will start from 29 April to 12 May, a two weeks extension from the supposed 28 April.


Extension Of MCO For Two More Weeks Till 12 May 2020

The decision to extend was made in order to continue the efforts of fighting the global pandemic of COVID-19. Even though Malaysia has seen a drop since the start of MCO, featuring only double digit new cases for the past week. However, in order to curb the outbreak, a further extension of the MCO will take place.

Photo: Bernama

Just today, there are 71 new cases, 90 recovered patients and 2 fatalities. This brings to a total of 5,603 Covid-19 positive cases but with only 1,966 active cases. It is with hopes that the fourth stage of MCO will bring down the number of positive cases per day to single digit number.

Continue To #StayHome During This Ramadan Period

It is without a doubt that we’re still fighting the Covid-19 and to do so we will have to continue to stay home during this MCO. So fellow rakyats, let’s just continue staying home and be patient. Happy Ramadan to all and have a great one at home.

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