We Tried These Highly-Rated Homemade Instant Pan Mee From Shopee & Here’s Why You Should Too

Instant noodles are a staple for late night suppers and quick meals. Bored of your usual choice? Then you have to try Malaysia’s very first instant dry pan mee that’s easily ready in just 6 minutes! They even have great ratings and are easily available from Shopee.


Here’s Why You Should Try These Highly-Raved Instant Pan Mee From Shopee

Conveniently packed in individual boxes, Meelife Pan Mee immediately shines amongst other instant noodles out there. All you need is 6 minutes tops to enjoy 5-star pan mee any time, any where! Intense flavours paired with smooth QQ noodles, you need to get on board Meelife Pan Mee now because you won’t know what you’re missing out till you’ve tried this!

There are currently 3 different flavours you can choose from – Vegan Dry Chilli Pan Mee, Dry Chilli Pan Mee and Dry Pan Mee. Each pack comes with ready-to-eat ingredients and sauces that’s specially curated by the team with over 16 years of experience. You’ll be glad to know that Meelife Pan Mee is also MESTI and SIRIM certified! Using only halal-certified ingredients, this pan mee is pork-free too.

Vegan Dry Chilli Pan Mee

Bet this is the first to come across a fully vegan dry chilli pan mee, let alone an instant version! This Vegan Dry Chilli Pan Mee from Meelife definitely ticks all the boxes. From their specially made mushroom sauce to homemade vegan chilli and even bits of seaweed, mix them all together with their QQ noodles. Hands down, one of the best vegan dry chilli pan mee for all the vegetarians and vegans out there!


Dry Chilli Pan Mee


Next up, can you really call yourself a pan mee lover if you’re not up for their signature Dry Chilli Pan Mee? This dry chilli pan mee certainly takes the cake for one of the best instant version. Every ingredient and sauce blends together flawlessly with golden crunchy fried ikan bilis and shallots. The signature dried shrimp chilli with homemade recipe brings in just the right amount of spice too!


Dry Pan Mee

For those who cannot take spice, Meelife Dry Pan Mee is perfect for you. Similarly flavourful ingredients are paired with thin QQ noodles, every slurp will leave you craving for more. Add on a runny egg to add even more dimensions to the flavours!

Satisfy Your Pan Mee Cravings Anywhere You Go With Meelife Pan Mee!

Now you can easily have dry pan mee wherever you are! With three different variations to choose from, satisfy your pan mee cravings in just 6 minutes! Get your hands on it only from Shopee today. Enjoy, foodies.

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Status: Pork-Free, using Halal-certified ingredients

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