Menya Shi Shi Do Rolls Out Matcha Ramen and We’re Confused

Matcha has been a hit lately. We were just scrolling through our social media and a bowl of leafy green broth caught our attention. Turns out, it’s Matcha Ramen, a new creation by Menya Shi Shi Do. We love matcha as a drink and goes well with red bean, but ramen? We’re confused.


This Ramen Bar in KL Launched Matcha Ramen and We’re Confused:

Photo: @jin_shotoniphone (Instagram)

Menya Shi Shi Do is a rather popular ramen bar in KL and currently has two outlets. One tucked in The School Jaya One and another in The Gasket Alley. Fans swear by this name for serving some of the best ramen in KL. If you’re a ramen fan, you probably have popped by a couple of times.

Photo: @spinzer (Instagram)

Besides serving traditional Japanese Hakata style Ramen, Menya Shi Shi Do is also known for its innovation. They have come out with numerous “unique” flavors in the past, all for a limited time only. Take Nasi Lemak Dry Ramen for example, like who would’ve thought of infusing a prized local cuisine and turn it into a ramen?

Photo: @cc.foodstep (Instagram)
Photo: @snakesolidus (Instagram)

Or Midori Oni Ramen, which the broth is made of green chili padi and coriander? Perhaps the citrusy Lemon Shiro Ramen isn’t so much of a shock factor anymore.

Photo: @menya_shishido (Instagram)

Coming back to the ramen bar’s new creation, Matcha Ramen. It’s not the typical green noodle we can normally find in a Japanese restaurant. Instead, matcha powder is heavily mixed into the broth. As much as we love matcha, this new flavor is rather confusing yet intriguing at the same time.

Photo: @menya_shishido (Instagram)

Matcha fans, who’s up for the challenge? Matcha Ramen is out now at their outlets for a limited time only! Available until 31st of March, tag your buddies for a matcha adventure! Let us know your experience in the comments. That’s all, have a good day and buh bye!

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