Natural & Organic Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak, Desserts & Cake At This Cafe In Puchong

Good day, foodies! Have you been taking care of your health these days? We foodies love to eat so much that we often forget to keep a healthy diet. From greasy fried chicken to that super sweet desserts, it’s time for you to push those aside and make a healthier meal choice. If you think healthy dishes are not tasty, you’re definitely missing out. We bumped into Moya Cafe recently and we think this is the place you can get healthy meals and even desserts that do not compromise on taste!


Enjoy All Organic Plant-Based Dishes At Moya Cafe

moya cafe Puchong

Tasty, healthy, and hearty are what you will find in Moya Cafe’s dishes. From staple rice dishes to side dishes, read on to check out what we tried!

plant-based meal

3 Colours Multigrain Nasi Lemak

First off is this plant-based 3 Colours Multigrain Nasi Lemak that’s made with organic coconut oil. Compared to the usual nasi lemak, this dish is non-greasy and healthier but it doesn’t lose on the rich taste you’d expect in your nasi lemak! The portion is quite big and we love the 3 colours rice made up of white rice, turmeric rice and brown rice with no added colourings.

Signature Organic Soymilk Curry Noodles

This is a special dish like no other because they are using soymilk to make the curry broth! Filled with vegetables, beancurd, fried tofu and more, the thick broth is a must-try!

Katsu Burger 

Munching on these cute burgers is a heart choice! The Katsu Burger is made with Moya Cafe’s house-made bun and a plant-based patty that’s juicy and savoury.


Hakka Lei Cha

If you like Lei Cha, the Lei Cha here has a taste of Hakka tradition with herby soup that’s rich and thick. It’s a fresh experience for every tastebud, making it a must-try at Moya Cafe!


Avocado Apple Salad 

This is one of our favourites. This Avocado Apple Salad is made of a fresh variety of fruits. With berry sweet and sour fruity flavours, you get a refreshing burst in a bite!

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Satay 


Next, this savoury satay is made from lion’s mane mushroom and the texture is just perfect, chewy and juicy. Dip the satay into their special sauce made with organic peanut butter to complete the taste!

Indulge In Dairy-Free & Guilt-Free Sweet Treats 

There’s always some space left for desserts no matter what. The desserts at Moya Cafe are vegan-friendly and guilt-free! Here’s what you can look forward to:


The waffle is served with Sweet Memory strawberry ice cream. They make their own vegan ice cream that’s low in sugar and fat!

moya cafe


From cupcakes to swiss rolls and cakes, get a taste of their freshly-baked desserts like the Lemon Curd OYA Cake, Black Sesame Swiss Roll and more!

Sip On Refreshing Enzyme-Based Beverages & Oatmilk-Based Coffees

We can’t leave out the beverage there too! You can try their refreshing enzyme-based beverages like the Zesty Gathering and Youth with You.

moya cafe PuchongZesty Gathering and Youth with You

Or get their oatmilk-based coffees made with OYA oatmilk that’s smooth and rich in flavour.

Oatmilk-Based Coffee

Made With Biogreen’s Organic Products 

Moya Cafe serves meals that are made with Biogreen’s organic products and fresh green produce. Biogreen specialises in healthy organic products like the bestselling Soymilk Powder, popular OYA Oatmilk, and more natural and organic products for over 20 years. It’s a trusted family-grown brand for high-quality food products that take care of the health of over 200,000 customers worldwide. There’s a dedicated section for you to shop for Biogreen’s products at Moya Cafe so do check it out too!

From milk and soymilk powder to condiments and spreads, there’s definitely something you will get when you visit!

Head To Moya Cafe With Your Friends Now!

moya cafe

Isn’t this a nice spot to get your meals fixed? Do check out Moya Cafe in Puchong and let us know what you like the most! 

Enjoy, foodies!

Moya Cafe Puchong Utama 

Address: 70-G, Jalan Bpu 1, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operating hours: 10:30am – 8pm 

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Status: Serves no alcohol, meat-free, & ingredients are all natural and organic

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