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M’sia Menu Rahmah Initiative Receives Positive Feedback With Over 1,500 Eateries’ Participation

Support Menu Rahmah at participating eateries!

Foodies, have you tried any of the Menu Rahmah offered by participating eateries already? Well, this initiative has been a popular topic among Malaysians ever since its launch by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Costs of Living (KPDN) earlier this year! For those who are still unfamiliar with the initiative, let us give you a brief walkthrough – here we go!


Over 1,500 Eateries Are Participating In The Menu Rahmah Initiative

The Menu Rahmah initiative aims to provide affordable and nutritious food to those who are struggling to buy themselves a meal. With that being said, the meals offered are meant to cost no more than RM5. The menus are carefully designed to provide a balanced and healthy diet. This means that each meal should include a portion of rice, meat, vegetables and a drink!

menu rahmah
Photo: AEON (Facebook)

Since its introduction, the initiative has received great support, with over 1,500 eateries currently participating in the programme. You can now find Menu Rahmah everywhere, including hawker stalls and restaurants like Bazaar Bukit Sentosa merchants, McDonald’s, Dim Sum Buloh, Domino’s and more with their own version of Menu Rahmah!

menu rahmah

In addition, the government has also set up a website that includes all the participating eateries in order to promote the initiative! This initiative is one of many under the Payung Rahmah campaign, which includes other programmes such as Bakul Rahmah, Kafe Rahmah, Jualan Murah Rahmah, and Barangan Rahmah.

The Initiative Has Also Been Receiving Positive Feedback From The Public

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The oldest Nasi Kandar in Penang, Hameediyah is also one of the participants. In fact, they are the first Nasi Kandar establishment in Penang to put forward the RM5 meal in hopes to relieve the financial burdens of the B40 group. “We want everyone to be happy. Through this campaign, we are able to provide food for everybody,” said Naresh, the supervisor of the Hameediyah Lebih Campbell branch.

Besides the great support of participating vendors, this initiative has also been receiving positive feedback from the public!

menu rahmah

As we already know, Hameediyah is always filled with people from all over Malaysia. “The food here is super delicious! Every time we’re in Penang, we’ll always drop by to get our Nasi Kandar from Hameediyah,” said one of the customers from KL.


“I also like how they always interact to ask how they could improve their dishes,” said another. “Now that they have Menu Rahmah, everyone can enjoy their Nasi Kandar.”

Their Menu Rahmah comes with a plate of fluffy rice, fried chicken, fried lettuce and mix curry to pair with refreshing Iced Sirap.

Photo: Mydin (Facebook)

Among the FIRST merchants to participate in this initiative, Mydin’s Menu Rahmah consists of a rotating menu daily, including rice, water, meat and vegetables!


Pengarah Urusan Mydin, Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin, berkata pihaknya yakin mereka yang berkemampuan tidak akan mengambil kesempatan terhadap set menu makan tengah hari dan malam yang dijual dengan harga murah itu yang pada dasarnya bagi membantu golongan miskin tegar.

Kita memahami apabila pertengahan bulan, ramai antara kita yang menjadi miskin tegar sementara, jadi kita beri kemudahan kepada mereka memesan makanan daripada Menu Rahmah.

Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin, said that “the Menu Rahmah is available for all at Mydin as he is confident that the public will not take advantage of this initiative as it is aimed towards helping those in need.

We understand that some may face financial issues momentarily during mid of months, hence we provide the Menu Rahmah for them as well.”

Photo: Mydin (Facebook)

Not only do they have Menu Rahmah for lunch and dinner, but they also have Rahmah Bazaar going on this Ramadan! Head over to the nearest Mydin now.


Don’t Forget To Support The Initiative!

All in all, don’t forget to support local eateries that are participating in this meaningful initiative! Need some recommendations? Well, of course, we have you covered! You can check out the list we have compiled for food operators that are offering Menu Rahmah here!

Source: Berita Harian | Bernama

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