M’sian Policeman Who Postponed His Wedding Due To MCO Received Warm Wishes From Netizen

We salute you sir!

There are simply no words that can describe how much we should respect our frontliners. Clearly, their sacrifices and loyalty towards their duty are way too genuine to the point that it’s heartbreaking. This one policeman for example is a strong representation of how passionate our frontliners can be in performing their responsibilities.

“Today Was Supposed To Be My Wedding Day”

It was only a few days ago when a photo of a policeman went viral on social media. The photo gained a lot of attention because you can clearly see the policeman on duty, Constable Ahmad Zaim Nasreen Musa, 25, was holding a sign that says “Today was supposed to be my wedding day.” Written along on the sign, you can also see his wedding date which was 17th January 2021 (Sunday).

policeman postponed wedding
Photo: @wksbmenglish (Facebook)

Originally, the photo was uploaded by his cousin on Facebook. However, the post spread like wildfire. And somehow the news reached the Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong‘s attention. The minister then takes it to his personal Facebook account and praised Zaid for his service and sacrifice for the nation. In the comment section, the policeman is also showered with warm wished and gratitude from the netizen. This truly makes a heartwarming sight.

“Good luck brother. Remain patient for a while and hopefully, your partner will be waiting for you faithfully. What a big sacrifice you have made.”

“Salute and thank you for your service to protect us all. May you always be in His protection.”

“Amazing.. The sacrifices you have made for the sake of protecting the people and nation. May Allah grant you strength, energy, and protection while working. Amin..”

“I’d Be Lying If I Said I Wasn’t Sad”

Zaid said in an interview with MalayMail, “I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t sad on that day. I was supposed to get married.” However, considering that there are more positive cases daily, they decided to postpone the ceremony. Especially after knowing that their wedding venue had a positive case recently. “So to avoid any risks or starting a new cluster, our families talked it out and decided to postpone the wedding for now,” he continued.

policeman postponed wedding
Photo: @wksbmenglish (Facebook)

Press On!

Although the original post has already been taken down, this can still remind us that frontliners are normal human beings as well. Let’s take better care of ourselves and the people around us so that we go back to how we were before the pandemic. #kitajagakita

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