myBurgerLab Home Kit: Get Creative And Design Your Own Burgers

Hello Foodies! myBurgerLab is offering a D.I.Y burger home kit that comes with a variety of their signature burger ingredients. Pick and choose between a seasoned beef patty or marinated chicken thigh as your protein! Get creative with your burger, and your creation might stand a chance to be featured on the myBurgerLab menu in the future. On top of that, you get a free pint of their favourite ice cream from Inside Scoop!


Here’s How To Use Your myBurgerLab Home Pack

A break down of ingredients in myburgerlab home kit
Photo: @myburgerlab (Instagram)

Step 1: Defrost the meat for 1-2 hours in room temperature or 24 hours in chiller.

Step 2: Season your meat accordingly depending on protein (see instructions below).

Photo: @suyenpang (Instagram)

Beef Patty:
1. You can make 4 quarter pounders (120g+) with the Beef Blend.
2. It is lightly seasoned. So add your own ingredients such as chopped onions, garlic and any dry herbs to make it taste better. Minimal salt required.
3. Shape and pack it tight into a patty with 10cm+ diameter.
4. Make a dent in the middle to ensure it is cooked evenly.
5. Cook on a searing hot pan. 2 mins each side.

Chicken Thigh:
1. Chicken Thigh is already marinated. No extra seasoning needed.
2. Choose to pan-sear or deep-fry with egg wash and flour coating.
3. Finish with high heat on skin side. 6-8mins (flip often)

Step 3: Use any ingredients from home that you think will taste good with the burger! (e.g. leftover curry sauce, sambal, scrambled eggs, corned beef, bacon or avocado).

Photo: @suyenpang (Instagram)

Stand A Chance To Have Your Burger Featured On myBurgerLab Menu

Show off your burger by posting it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #myburgerlab and #mBLAtHome, and have the opportunity for it to be featured on their menu in the future!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Pick up only. Pre-order and pick up in 30mins at Seapark, MYTOWN and Bangsar outlets. Order here!
  • Each kit will cost RM80.
  • Add RM15 to your order and get both beef and chicken.
  • Limited to 30 sets per day.
  • Will be available for delivery and Grabfood soon! Stay updated by following their social media (links below).
myBurgerLab home kit ingredients
Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

Go crazy with your burgers! Just like how myBurgerLab has proven, sometimes the craziest ingredients will make the tastiest burger. Try it out!

For more information, click on the links below!


Link(s): Facebook, Instagram, Website

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