Nasi Lemak Stall at Sunway Mas is Hiring Stall Keeper For Up to RM1800 and Netizens Are Saying It’s Higher Than Their Current Salary

Good day foodies, how are you? With the current economic status of our country, many are struggling to land a job or, their salary are being cut. A recent post on Twitter went viral when a user, @sengfoo88 shared a photo of a job vacancy and quote “This pays better than some entry-level jobs.” Apparently a nasi lemak stall at Sunway Mas is hiring a stall keeper with a salary of up to RM1800.

Source: @sengfoo88 (Twitter)

Netizens Flooded The Post with Comments and Owner of the Stall Responded:

Photo: Twitter

Since the post is up on Twitter, many netizens commented that they’re interested to apply for the job. To be a stall keeper at the nasi lemak stall, there’s a few requirements. First, you’ll have to be a citizen or a permanent resident in Malaysia with blue or red MYKAD. The stall is only looking for females, and the salary starts from RM1500- RM18000.

Some on Twitter even added that the pay is actually higher than their current salary. The owner of the nasi lemak stall noticed the post and responded on Twitter.

Source: @hariyantiharun (Twitter)

She wrote “my contact number went viral, but everyone is only looking at the gaji (salary)? When explained about the time frame and job description, all couldn’t do it. Why? Being choosy lah, what else?

Foodies, what are your thoughts on this? If you’re currently out looking for a job, would you take up the role? Or would you rather work somewhere else? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tag your friends. That’s all, have a great day ahead, and buh bye!

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