Oreo Mooncake Has Landed in Malaysia & Here’s Where You Can Get It

Foodies, Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner (21st September 2021 to be exact)! We’ve been seeing all kinds of mooncakes flooding the internet. From sweet and savoury, to even fun, quirky flavours, you won’t be short of choice. The popular Oreo Mooncake has finally landed in Malaysia, so stick around to find out where you get them!

Oreo Mooncake is Finally Available Here in Malaysia:

This isn’t just any regular Oreo-flavoured mooncake, but official Oreo-branded mooncakes! Truth be told, they’ve been around the market for quite some time, but never in Malaysia. Fret not, because we’ve found the Oreo Mooncake available on Shopee!

Malaysians finally get to savour these sweet and savoury treats in the upcoming Mooncake Festival. It is priced at RM119 for a box of four mooncakes. Each box comes in four different fun flavours: Double Choco, Cappuccino, Strawberry and Chocolate Brownie.

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Each mooncake is shaped like the signature Oreo biscuit but in different colours and fillings. While the limited-edition box and flavours look exciting, our neigbouring countries have described them as “incredibly sweet.” So they might not be for everyone, so take note.

Putting flavours aside, we think the Oreo Mooncake is absolutely worth getting! The whole thing screams Oreo, not to mention it’s limited-edition. Plus, Mid-Autumn Festival only happens once a year, it’s okay to splurge occasionally (within your means). Don’t forget to tag and share this good news to the Oreo fans out there!

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