Paddle Pop Releases New Melon Slice Popsicles + Free Ice Cream To 5 Winners!

Living in Malaysia has taught us how to cope with the scorching weather. Some of us would prefer to stay indoors while some would go for a refreshing beverage and even ice cream to cool down the heat. Well, if ice-cream is your go-to solution, then we have something for you. Remember our childhood favourite ice-cream Paddle Pop? They’ve just released new Melon Slice Popsicles and you can even win free ice-cream! So, keep your eyes peeled and read till the end!


Paddle Pop Melon Slice Popsicles Made With Real Melon Juice & Milk

The Paddle Pop Melon Slice popsicle is made with real melon juice and milk so one bite into this treat and you’ll have an explosion of strong honeydew taste on your tastebuds.


Turn Paddle Pop Melon Popsicles Into A Picnic Beverage

Did you know that you can even turn these popsicles into a refreshing Melon Lime Fizzy drink that’s the perfect picnic beverage? Here’s how to do it step by step.


  1.  Paddle Pop Melon Slice (2)
  2. Fresh Honeydew 200gm
  3. Mint Leaf 3gm
  4. Ice Cubes 200gm
  5. Sugar Syrup 80gm
  6. Lime/Lemon Juice 30gm


  1. Prepare all the ingredients
  2. Cut the melon into cubes and blend them
  3. Add in ice cubes
  4. Crush the Paddle Pop Melon Slice, add in mint leaf and blend them together
  5. Next, add in sugar syrup and lemon juice
  6. Blend until the ingredients have a fine texture
  7. Decorate with preferred ingredients (lemon slice, mint leaves)
Photo: @KLFoodie
Photo: @KLFoodie

Win FREE Ice Cream Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Paddle Pop is also giving away FREE Ice Cream to (5) winners! Here’s how:

  1. Comment on this Facebook post the flavour of Paddle Pop Melon Slice
  2. Tag 3 friends
  3. Share the Facebook post (set your account to Public)
Photo: @KLFoodie

*Terms & Conditions Apply

*Contest ends on 31st October 2020


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