PappaRich Australia Sells Teh Tarik Soft Serve With Pearls & Waffle Stick! What?!

Can't believe PappaRich forgotten about us...

PappaRich has been around for years now, expanding their area of influence slowly but surely. It’s success has made it so that it sees itself serving customers in many cities around Australia. With a promise to bring the taste of Malaysia onto the table anytime and anywhere, PappaRich has been fusing some of Malaysia’s favourites to create some of the most delectable food, with a catch — It’s only available in Australia. That is exactly why we’re here, writing this — we’re here to make Teh Tarik Soft Serve available in Malaysia!

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Introducing: Teh Tarik Soft Serve!

by @ PappaRichAus (Facebook)

That’s right! PappaRich Australia seems very much aware of how much Malaysians order Teh Tarik as a staple drink in mamak stalls nationwide. It seems that pearls (a.k.a. boba) will never go out of style either, as this soft serve is accompanied with heaps of it. With a waffle stick stuck in as well, it’s something new that people are going crazy for!

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With it being only available in Monash Clayton, their post has received comments flooded with requests for the unique soft serve to be distributed to its other chains. When Facebook user Tiffany Coco asked “When are all stores getting this pls“, PappaRich Australia responded with “We’re working on it! 😉 “. 

Snippet from Facebook


Snippet from Facebook

We’re Here Make A Change

PappaRich, make it available in Malaysia. Just do it. Like, right now. Please? For any of you out there who want the same, do share and like! We need to garner some support behind this post to raise our desires to the attention of PappaRich. I mean, a favourite flavour in ice cream form in our kind of weather? You must be a monster to detest it! One Like = One Voice

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