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Also, Bangsar South Parklife Health . Similarly. Also, Parklife Health Bangsar South. Similarly. Also, Parklife Health Bangsar South. Similarly. Also. Similarly.


Also, Bangsar South Parklife Health. Also.

Similarly, Parklife Health Bangsar South. Similarly.

Also, Parklife Health Bangsar South. Also.

Yes, we’ve touched on this place before in a previous article featuring 10 places with mind-blowing concepts in The Sphere. Now, we will talk more in-depth about the exciting concept behind Parklife. In foodie-paradise Malaysia, taste is of utmost importance. That is why it is good news when we tell you that at Parklife, eating healthy can be tasty too! Parklife’s concept and vision is to be a place for all to enjoy delicious, healthy food in a nice and comfortable environment. We’re talking about fresh and colourful food, with little tweaks in the way it’s cooked, letting the natural flavours of the food shine through.

A Place for All in Parklife

Parklife in Bangsar South
Parklife in Bangsar South

Parklife acquired its name from inspiration begotten by Blur, an English indie-rock band from London. They long to paint a picture of London Hyde Park under the natural sunlight, accompanied by the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees, and people picnicking on lush, green grass. Hence their slogan “A Place For All”.

Interior of Parklife in Bangsar South
Interior of Parklife

With a menu comprising of 80% vegan and vegetarian options and 20% meat options (pork-free & beef-free), Parklife becomes a place perfect for people following all diets — be it Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Pescatarian, or even meat-lovers! To encourage healthy lifestyles that stem from healthy diets and exercises, they’ve partnered with 6 ambassadors prominent in the arts and sports scene.

The Crew Manning the Kitchen

Parklife's Open Kitchen in Bangsar South
Open Kitchen of Parklife

The people behind the preparations of the food is every much just as important as the concept of any store, if not sometimes even more so. They are, after all, what makes the dream into a reality. With that in mind, we feel it vital that we introduce Chef Ling, the Head Chef of Parklife, to you.

Chef Ling with Yotam Ottolenghi
Yotam Ottolenghi on the left; Chef Ling on the right

Chef Ling, despite coming from an engineering background, discovered his passion for cooking whilst he was in London. As a direct apprentice of Yotam Ottolenghi, he worked with him for 10 years. He was instrumental in the growth of the now famous brand, growing from a single outlet to a few branches around London.

His personal portfolio was further expanded when he accepted a challenge with Correas in Russia, where he worked as a Creative Chef and trained chefs from more than 20 franchise outlets.

Chef Ling in Parklife in Bangsar South
by @ ChefLingMalaysia (Facebook)

Having many years of valuable experience, he finally decided to come back to Malaysia to build his own brand. As a chef who’s already growing more well-known in the culinary industry in Malaysia, he gives his all to Parklife in hopes that his work will continue to influence the lives of many, making his patrons’ lifestyle brighter and healthier by the day.

First Cook’s Dishes

Displayed with splendorous lighting and clean, neat arrangement, 12 types of veggies sit beautifully by a glass wall for all to look in and see. Changing up their vegetable options every single month, their menu never gets boring! With that, let’s start with our first dish…

Vegetable Choices in Parklife in Bangsar South
Parklife’s Vegetable Choices

The Hummus — oh man do we have a lot to talk about that! It has got to be the first we talk about, as it’s extra special in Parklife — some would even go as far as to say that it’s better than the ones they had in the middle-east! It’s been so well-received that it’s been there since the beginning of the restaurant, never having been swapped out in the passing months! Never tried it before? Make Parklife your first, and you’ll never want hummus from anywhere else. Period.

Parklife's Hummus in Bangsar South
Hummus in Parklife

Making good hummus takes tonnes of patience; after all, perfection cannot be rushed! Each day’s hummus takes the previous day’s hard-work, as the chef prepares ahead by soaking the chickpeas overnight. With only pure sesame Jordonian tahini as well as fresh lemon juice as two of its key ingredients, they make the hummus taste splendidly creamy. With hints of zaatar, sumac, and olive oil added, the flavours of the hummus pop out all the more prominently. Seriously, you HAVE to try this!

Similarly, Parklife Health Bangsar South. Similarly.

Vegetarian Platter in Parklife under preparations in Bangsar South
Vegetarian Platter in Parklife

There are 4 types of platters, and we had the pleasure of their vegetable platter (other available platters include vegan, seafood, and meat platter). It’s contents include Grilled Halloumi Cheese (one of the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had), Goat’s Cheese, Roasted Vegetables, Portobello, Hummus with Pita Bread (?), Olive, Tahini sauce, and Romesco sauce. No matter how full I was, I couldn’t help but stuff more vegetables into my mouth — it’s that good! Never thought I would say that… Parklife is amongst the first to have a vegan platter in Malaysia, and it will surely be an experience to take home.

Lamb Shank in Parklife in Bangsar South
Parklife’s Lamb Shank

Their meat options, despite only comprising of 20% of their menu, is definitely not a joke either. It took them meticulous care and time to craft up a masterpiece so tender that it practically melted under the pressure of your fork — three and a half hours to be precise!

Dessert in Parklife in Bangsar South
Parklife’s Dessert

With fresh home-made desserts also available on a daily basis (including gluten-free cakes and vegan cakes), Parklife will surely satisfy everyone’s palate!

Detailing Detailed Details:

Operating Hours: 8am— 10pm
? Status: Pork-free, but serves alcohol
? Location: The Sphere, Bangsar South

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