This Ice Cream Looks Exactly Like A Whole Peach & Here’s Where You Can Get It In Malaysia

The weather has been gruesomely hot, even if we’re mostly just staying indoors. At times like this, nothing beats an ice cold dessert to cool us down. You may have had ice cream in forms of sticks, tubs and cones – but have you tried one that looks like an actual fruit?


This Cute Peach Ice Cream Is What You Need To Beat The Heat

This is not a drill! This peach-like ice cream looks exactly like a whole peach fruit and it’s so instagram-worthy. Aside from its exterior looking like a peach, the ice cream would naturally be of peach flavoured too. No doubt, it’s a popular sweet treat overseas.

Get ready to bite into creamy vanilla ice cream encased in peach flavoured white chocolate. The peach ice cream is currently only sold at outlets nationwide at RM7.50 for one. However, it is selling fast so it’s best to call your nearest outlet beforehand if they have stock in stores to avoid disappointment.

Have You Tried This?

If you’re looking for a icy sweet treat to indulge in this afternoon, why not give this a try? You might have found your new go-to ice cream. Tag your ice cream loving buddies in the comments below. Enjoy!

Picture credit: mixcommy (Facebook)

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