This Peelable Banana Ice Lolly Is Finally Back In Malaysia & M’sians Are Freaking Out (In A Good Way)

Say What?!

The one thing that ties everyone together at pertinent times as such, it’s got to be our undying love for ice cream. We love them no matter what shape or form it comes in. Especially during times  like this where everyone in the family is staying home, a little something cold, sweet, and refreshing is the perfect treat. Well, today we’re bringing you news of this latest mind-blowing ice lolly that has finally returned in Malaysia!


The Peelable Banana Ice Lolly By Nestlé Ice Cream Is Finally Back In Our Lives 

Lo’ and behold, the first ever peelable banana ice lolly is back and we’re super hyped about it. An ice lolly that you can peel off just like your favourite fruit? Count us in! However, don’t get fooled by its appearance and prepare to be blown away by it. As you peel the grape-flavoured outer layer, you’re presented with a creamy smooth and delicious vanilla ice cream on the inside. 

Photo: @meyeateryjourney (Facebook) | @okazaki_707 (Instagram)

Honestly, this may be the most fun you can have with an ice lolly! Recently, the Peelable Banana Ice Lolly blew up in Taiwan and there’s been countless fun ways on how people enjoy it. From what we’ve gathered, all you have to do is “Bite, Peel, Enjoy”! First Bite into the outer grape-flavoured layer, then Peel it, and Enjoy it like how you would with a banana. 

Photo: @meyeateryjourney (Facebook)

Can’t wait to try it? According to netizens, they’ve stumbled upon the Peelable Banana Ice Lolly in their nearest convenience store. But since most of us are staying home as much as possible now, you can also get it delivered right to your homes! All you have to do is find your nearest distributor in this link and search for ‘Pinkfong Wonderstar Split Ice Lolly’. You can also add other favourites of yours such as KitKat or Oreo Ice Creams into your cart. Then, sit tight and wait for your ice creams to arrive. If you can’t wait, just go on and get it from your nearest retail stores, such as 99 Speedmart and petrol marts.

Photo: @NestleIceCreamMY (Facebook)

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Apparently, the Peelable Banana Ice Lolly has been around in Malaysia since way back then. The tweet has blown up on Twitter after netizens’ comments started pouring in to reminisce on the ice lolly that they grew up with. Now that the ice lolly is back in stores, get one for yourself and have a nostalgic ride down memory lane with your friends!

Get The Peelable Banana Ice Lolly Today & Enjoy It With Your Family

Get your hands on this whimsical popsicle today! The Pinkfong Wonderstar Split Ice Lolly by Nestlé is not just for the kids but for the entire family as well. There’s nothing like having a little fun while enjoying delicious ice cream that everyone craves to have on a hot sunny day. Grab yours today and let us know where you’ve found yours!


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