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This Wholesale Frozen Food Store Offers Huge Range Of Affordable Frozen Food w/ FREE Delivery

Seafood Lovers, Rejoice!

Greetings, foodies! We trust that most of you are staying home now, but that doesn’t stop you from having cravings. From seafood to dim sum and steamboat, we know you want it all! Since dining out is not encouraged, cooking at home is the only choice. Here’s some good news for all of you – this frozen food distributor has a wide range of frozen goods with wholesale prices!


PFF Frozen Food Distributor Is Your One-Stop Frozen Food Platform

Located in Klang, PFF Frozen Food Distributor is your haven for all things frozen. Since inter-district and interstate travel is not allowed, why not order online and have them delivered to you for FREE when you purchase over RM100! Scroll down to find out what they have here:


A Seafood Galore

You’ll first notice a plethora of seafood choices here, especially the wide selection of fish. Be it salmon, tilapia or mackerel – you’ll spend hours deciding which to get. With wallet-friendly prices, there’s honestly no other place like PFF to satisfy your need for seafood.

Aside from pre-sliced fish and seafood, you can find imported seafood for a taste of the world without heading out. With famous Alaska King Crab and even Canada Lobster, level your home-cooked food with these freshly imported luxurious ingredients too!


If you’re a seafood lover, then you shouldn’t look no further than PFF Frozen Food Distributor. Get ready to chance upon great seafood finds as you browse through their webpage or even at their physical store. Even their sotong, prawns and clams all come in different sizes! Most of their seafood are vacuum packed too – so its freshness is guaranteed.


Beef, Chicken & Various Meats

Apart from seafood enough to stock for your lifetime, they also have a wide variety of meats for all the carnivores out there. Browse through the freezer filled to the brim with different cuts of beef, chicken and even duck meat. They even have the rare buffalo meat if you’re up for it and all the meats are also guaranteed halal!


Dim Sum, Steamboat & Every Other Food You Can Imagine!

Moving on from the glorious meats, entice your palates with an overflowing amount of frozen goods here. Satiate your cravings for dimsum, pastries, fried chicken, fries and so much more by ordering from PFF Distributor. Scroll through the laundry list of food items and be amazed by how much you can find! Of course, steamboat lovers will surely fall in love with the massive range of steamboat ingredients here.

Dry Foods & Baking Essentials

They also have a dried food, spices, sauces and even condiments for all your cooking needs. With everything under one roof, you don’t need to head elsewhere to get your grocery shopping done. Best of all – there’s also a range of baking ingredients for you as you catch up on some CMCO baking at home.

Shop At PFF Frozen Food Distributor On Shopee & Get It Delivered To You For FREE!

You’re in luck if you’re living in the Klang area. But for everyone else, fret not! You can order everything you need and want from PFF Frozen Food Distributor on Shopee! Looking for tons of frozen goods for you and your family that won’t hurt your wallet? This is the place for you. Get FREE delivery too when you spend over RM100 in a single order on Shopee. Tag your friends and family in the comments to let them in on this amazing frozen heaven!

PFF Frozen Food Distributor

Order via Shopee

Address: No.137G & 139G, Jalan Permata 1/KS09, Pusat Perniagaan Bandar Bestari, Taman Perindustrian Air Hitam, 42000 Klang, Selangor.

Operating hour: (DAILY) 9AM – 7PM

Status: Halal Retail & Wholesale

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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