This Noodle Shop In Bukit Jalil Serves Jumbo Curry Mee That’s Delicious & Other Local Delights

Spicy, Fragrant & Delicious!

Hello, foodies! Are you looking for a new lunch spot that would satisfy all your local food cravings? We’ve got the perfect place for you, and if you’re nearby Bukit Jalil, this spot should definitely be your go-to. Get your bellies ready for this place called, Pick Mee Go because they serve delicious noodle and rice dishes. More specifically, their Jumbo Curry Mee that is spicy, fragrant, and super yummy!


Check Out This Jumbo Curry Mee With Over 5 Delicious Toppings, Including Pig Skin & Roasted Pork

Located in Bukit Jalil, this noodle shop is known for their Curry Chicken Noodles. Their curry soup is spicy, fragrant and super yummy! For their curry sauce, they use a one-of-a-kind curry cooking method. They recently introduced their Jumbo Curry Mee (above), that comes with so many delicious toppings. Toppings include; pig skin, fish paste (homemade!), siew yok, char siew, cuttlefish, cockles, fried beancurd skin and more. Plus, you can eat this Jumbo portion with noodles too. Tip: You should try it with spaghetti noodles!

Other Delicious Curry Dishes That Are Also A Must-Try

If you prefer a quick lunch meal, opt for their original Curry Chicken Noodles (above) instead that is also very tasty. A generous portion of noodles is served with slightly thick curry broth and the most tender curry chicken. Noodle choices include; mee hoon, horfun, yellow noodles, Wanton noodles, and also spaghetti! For a heavier meal option, go for their Chee Cheong Fun with Three Stuffed Treasures (below) that is drenched in their delicious curry sauce!

Affordable Lunch Sets With A Variety Of Noodle & Rice Options For Everyone!

If you like eating noodles during lunch, their Egg Wanton Noodles with BBQ Pork and Wanton (above) would be perfect for you! And, their BBQ Pork and Wanton are freshly made from scratch everyday! Their BBQ Pork is mouth-watering and their wantons are tasty too. Prefer soup noodles? Fret not because they have Fish Paste Soup Noodles (below) too. Delicious and hot soup noodles? Yes, please!

Calling all rice lovers because they have plenty of rice dishes that’ll fill your tummy! Here’s what we tried: Sweet & Sour Pork Rice (right), Honey Sesame Chicken Rice (left), and Mayonnaise Chicken Rice (middle). With their generous portion, it is the perfect meal for lunch! Plus, their Lunch Sets from 12pm to 3pm are very affordable. Simply order a main meal and get a complimentary drink of your choice! And, you can choose from a variety of drinks. Some drinks include; coffee, Cham, tea, and more!


Tasty Local Delights & More At Pick Mee Go In Bukit Jalil


Pick Mee Go

Address: P-6-1 Jalan Persiaran Jalil 3 Bukit Jalil City, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 8am – 5pm, Daily


Status: Non-halal

Link(s): Facebook

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